Lock-In Session 3

In this session the characters were all 1950’s housewives who were standing up against the Zombie Apocalypse using guns that would make you laugh. The entire session was inspired from a single picture I saw on the internet one day.

Catling Gun

These 1950’s housewives stood up to the zombie apocalypse and while the men all died around them, they took a stand. They all started at one house as they were getting ready for a neighborhood picnic. Suddenly a zombie came through the window and killed their husbands. At this moment the women were filled with energy and transformed (similar to Sailor Moon) into their true selves.

With their combined bad ass skill sets the lovely ladies laid waste to their late husbands and set off to find their children, (and some wine). They reached the park in time to see that all of their children had turned and a helicopter had laid waste to all zombies in the area.

After being hailed by the helicopter the women went to the supermarket and made some Molotov Cocktails to use as deadly weapons. After encountering zombie dogs, regular zombies, and zombies driving cars; they all made it to the stadium where the helicopter told them to await back up.

At the stadium they were attacked by a zombie titan who nearly killed them all. Thanks to the skill and luck of the players the giant zombie was slain as help arrived. They were the only survivors of their town but they showed great skill and deadliness in the field.


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