Lock-In Session 4

Session number 4 was based on the movie Rise of the Guardians. The one with Hugh Jackman playing the Easter Bunny.

The players all played as someone from the movie; Bunny, Santa, Tooth, Sandy, and Jack. They all feel an urge to visit Germany as they can feel darkness spreading.

When they arrive they hear the terrible stories children are telling about people like Cinderella whose own step sisters cut off their toe and heel to try and fit in a glass slipper. Only to be attacked by birds and have theirs eyes pecked out.

They trace the stories to a single source, the Grimm Brothers. The party searched for the brothers and eventually located them in a secluded house in Germany. As they approached a witch flew out of the sky and attacked them. After killing the with she burst apart scattering ripped books everywhere.

Next a army of dwarves appeared blocking their path. Again upon their destruction piles of shredded paper and bindings appeared. By now the players are assuming that killing these creatures is an act of destroying the story therefore killing the darkness that is being spread by them.

Now they reach the house, where a wolf sleeps guarding the door. After an attempt to sneak by, in which Jack did manage to open the door without the wolf noticing. They were all attacked. Once again the heroes were victorious. Leaving behind another pile of paper they marched on.

There they saw Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, terror to children and destroyers of fairy tails. The characters attacked, Sandy was killed (to come back later because the children still believe in him). Then Pitch appeared backing up his minions of evil. Together the players defeated their enemies and took victory.

Pitch escaped into the night evading the heroes to return another day.


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