First Day Of Finals Week

Finals week officially started on campus today. I have fallen a little behind on my schedule to get everything done but hopefully tonight I can get caught back up and maybe even get ahead a little bit. Overall the week is going well for the first day. My first true in class final is tomorrow at 10:30, I am not looking forward to it. I think it should be pretty easy though. Just it will take an hour away from working on my final papers. Though on Thursday I wrote a 6 page essay in 4 hours and on Friday a 5 page essay with a presentation in about the same amount of time. I have a 10 page paper to write for tomorrow at midnight. I want to have the majority done tonight. If I can get 6-7 pages of it done tonight I will be back on track.

Well that sums up my life at the moment. Have a great day.


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