Lock-In Session 5

Feldyher- In this campaign the players were all your stereotypical vikings that were bad asses with their preferred weapons. One used a Long Bow, one a Warhammer, one threw Throwing Axes, one used a Claymore, and the last used a Two Handed Axe.

They were chosen by the village officials to go forth and defeat the Ice Dragon Feldyher who for the last 1000 years had plagued their village. As the story goes, ever since the dragon came the world has become colder and harsher for the people.

The adventurers set out at once to go and defeat Feldyher. They knew that to get there they would have to cross three rivers that were deep and treacherous. During the first day they reached the first of the rivers. After sending across one of them who could swim and having them anchor a rope across the river, the rest of the group moved across the river. They were very cold after reaching the other side and decided to make camp.

During the night they were attacked by Ice Trolls who took advantage of the dark to get the jump on the Two Handed Axe wielder. The Warhammer wielder was able to take out three with one mighty swing, while the archer stayed up in a tree firing with deadly precision. They felled the last of their foes and then gutted them. Collecting the fat to use to help resist the cold of the next river crossing.

At the next river the party once again sent one of their swimmers across the river after using the fat. They start across. When the third person reaches the center of the river (The Axe Thrower) a kraken attacks. It does its best to pull the rope holders into the river while biting the axe wielder. The Warhammer wielder throws herself into the river full force to take out the kraken. The Axe Wielder delivers blow after blow to the kraken while the Claymore Wielder tries to hook the kraken with a grappling hook. At last the kraken falls to the Warhammer wielder as a giant blow catches it in the middle of the forehead.

That night the party told each other stories late into the night. After the last person falls asleep the party is attacked by a group of Ice Wolves. They attacked as a single unit attempting to break the moral of the party. The party defended themselves with a great amount of skill, holding off the attack. However during the fight the Claymore wielder did die as a wolf caught his throat and ripped it out.

After the battle the party buried their fallen comrade and continued on to defeat Feldyher. At last the reached the final river, across the river they could see the entrance to the dragons home. The river was solid ice, they made their way across, it creaked and cracked but didn’t break under the weight of these barbarians.

They entered the cave afraid but determined. They walked in darkness, seeing a light ahead in the distance. Suddenly they found themselves in a large chamber with a huge white dragon before them.

They attacked, it attacked. Arrows flew true, blades were bent, a great battle was fought. The dragon was unable to kill any of their party members as it fell dead before them.

They would be Heroes.


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