Nearly There

I am nearly done for the semester and am very excited about that. In a previous post I included what I had left this semester. Well here is that post with everything I have accomplished crossed off the list. I am making cookies tonight for a group get together for the Hall Directors that is tomorrow. After that in the evening several of my friends are meeting at my place for a gift exchange Secret Santa thing. I am still very much looking forward to Winter Break and the holiday season.

Thursday 10th- Write 4 page essay for Final Exam. (History of Soviet Russia) due. Friday
Friday 11th- Write 5 page essay and create a Powerpoint presentation on the paper. (Sociology of Education) due. Friday
Saturday/Sunday/Monday- Write 10 page essay Final Paper. (History of Soviet Russia) due. Tuesday
Monday- Online Final Exam Sociology of Education
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday- Write 8 page essay Final Paper. (History of the Civil War) due. Thursday
Tuesday- 10:30 AM History of the Civil War Final Exam
Wednesday- 8:30 AM German Final Exam


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