Lock-In Session 6

The 6th and final session for the Association of Gamers Lock-In was a Fast and Furious themed one. I started by introducing the characters to each other and to their cars. The I thrust them directly into the heat of things, aka assaulting a semi.

They were on the road pursuing their target when two SUVs fell back from the convoy to intercept them. After only two rounds of car versus car combat the players drove them off the road. Creating a perfect gap for their team leader to make an advance.

They were then intercepted by 3 sedans and 2 SUVs that attempted to deter the party. The team had some difficulties as one of their cars was nearly destroyed after a particularly nasty round of combat. Making a comeback and with no shortage of firepower the team shot up or out maneuvered their opponents.

While one team had a person on the roof of the car and was trying to get in through the back another team pulled in front of the semi and tried to jump through the windshield. After several failed attempts and close deaths the party got the semi to pull to halt.

They were able to find their quarry, a pink diamond, one of a kind. They went to the drop site only to be attacked by a private army. After fleeing the scene and attempting to cause some damage on the way out. The leader received a call that he was holding Dom (Vin Diesel’s Character) hostage in exchange for the diamond.

The party went to the new drop site hoping to get their friend back in exchange for this diamond. The plan fell apart when they were surrounded by a massive army of men with machine guns. They held them off while trying to defend their position. They were losing and would have all died, until Dom showed up leading his team, scattering the militia to the wind. Giving the players a chance to escape and complete the job.


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