Munchkins and Dragons

My girlfriend, Tori, has five younger siblings all of which this weekend +2 days we got to hang out with for Winter Break. It has been fun. A couple long days, one? short one. Today I showed them Pathfinder. Using a pre-made module called The Worldwound Incursion by Amber E. Scott, I had them all make a character.

The Youngest, B, played a Rogue, The Youngest Girl, S, a Sorcerer, The Next oldest, C, a Fighter, The Next oldest, M, a Druid with a Tiger animal companion, then the next one, K, a Sorcerer, lastly Tori played a Cleric.

Making the characters was a lot of fun. The dice were dropped a lot but in the end they all had fun, the most important part. Tori and I divided the kids up and I made characters with one of them while the rest played Catan Junior, the game we got them for Christmas.

We started and finished in about 2 hours which I thought was amazing that they actually paid attention that long. They fought Giant Maggots, a Giant Fly, a pair of Darkmantles, Milliorn an insane dwarf, and a the untouchable monster.

They had a lot of fun but after a couple hours the two youngest S and B were just done. C and M would have kept playing, K didn’t care either way. So Tori and I just called it for the night.


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