League of Legends

I am a new player to a game called League of Legends. I find it to be incredibly fun and great at bringing my group of friends together. All of us have very busy schedules so sometimes it is nice to sit back and simply play a 30 minute match with a couple people that I actually know.

I am currently level 13 out of the maximum of 30 levels, but I think that as a newer player I could offer some insight about the game and some ideas about characters. I myself when I look at Item builds for the champions I own go to MobaFire. From here I read a few of the guides I like and then make my champion build. It has worked for me so far and I have done decently in games. Currently I am playing a lot of games against the AI, but I have also played some PVP. My win record against the AI is naturally much higher.

Tori and I just spent $100 on getting more of the Riot Points, aka the in game currency you have to pay real money to get. With that we got several more champions for both of our accounts, a few skins, and a lot more drive to play games. I think later today a few of our friends will be on and we are going to get a few games in together.

I will be posting about some of my favorite champions, my favorite champions to hate, and then a few that I just do not like (Garen). I hope that you enjoy reading a newbs experiences with the game, and I look forward to playing a lot more League.


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