LOL, Poppy

Here is my first League of Legends Character Post. I am doing it over the hero that I am currently the best with. I can knowingly say that Poppy is my best because of the system LOL has to keep track. I have a mastery level 4 with this champion while my next highest is only at Mastery level 2.

I bought Poppy on a whim and because she is one of the cheapest champions to purchase. She costs 450 IP, earning anywhere from 50-150 IP every game plus the 1/day First Win Of The Day bonus IP of 150 IP. IP stands for Influence Points though the name of the currency is irrelevant.

After buying Poppy I just had to play a few games with her. She was amazing. I started playing and I just didn’t stop. Poppy completes my play style, except for her Ultimate Ability. I struggle with making it work right and therefore get a much weaker version of what it can really do.

She is the Keeper of a Hammer that she is trying to deliver to the Hero worthy of holding it. In my mind every time she enters the League of Legends Arena she is looking for the Hero worthy of the Hammer. “HERE TAKE THE HAMMER…. Oh you died, you were not worthy.”- At least this is how I like to imagine her.

In the video you can see all of her abilities and what makes her special. Now to my breakdown.

Poppy is a massive tank, capable of going into any of the three lanes. Personally I do not think she should be in the Mid Lane but I have seen other people do just that and I have played a couple matches in Mid with her. Her Q ability delivers a crushing blow with just a little bit of range to it which can catch fleeing enemy Champions. Her W gives her a circle of protection and also increases her speed. I use it to catch fleeing enemy champions of when needed to body block for an ally. Poppy’s E is a massive charge attack, that for some reason a lot of players are caught by surprise by. This can lead to some massacres as you knock one champion into a wall followed by the Q. Then using the W Poppy can chase down the second champion. Lastly is the R ability or the Ult. Poppy’s sends the enemy champion sky high, now this is where I fail. For me the best I can do is get the enemy in the air and stunned for a few seconds. But the true power of the Ult is that it sends whoever is hit flying back towards their tower creating a situation where Poppy can get a 1v1 fight that she will most likely win.

So in reading how I use her abilities you may want to know where I put her on the map. I really prefer bottom lane with an ADC, Ashe preferably. By running on the bottom lane this tanky fighter can shut down the enemy’s ADC (Ashe, Jinx, Corki, Etc…) and have enough left over to help the allied ADC to take down the support. At level 8 a Poppy that has several kills and thus plenty of gold can then go and solo kill the dragon giving the entire team a bonus. If it is a slower game at level 10 Poppy can still get the job done solo.

Some Items I take while playing Poppy (in the order I get them) are the following.
1. Dead Man’s Plate
2. Titanic Hydra
3. Warmogs Armor or Thornmail or The Black Cleaver (depends on how the game is going).
After this the game is usually over but in case it is not I grab more high Attack Damage Items.

You can follow the link HERE for more information about this Tiny Hero and her Hammer.


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