Back From My Fathers And My Mothers

I have been too two Christmas parties since I was on last. I went to my Fathers where we celebrated my grandfather turning 70, followed by a day of Christmas gifts and celebration. Most of my family on that side was there. Then we (Tori and I) drove another 4 hours in the opposite direction to my mothers where we had another Christmas party. All in all both of them were tons of fun and fantastic.

A summation of the gifts from my family are as follows.
Voice Recorder- For Gaming and Lectures
Game of Thrones Risk
24″ Computer Monitor
Crockpot- Being used tomorrow for roast
Chessex Gaming Mat- Also being used tomorrow
Frigost Map for Krosmaster
$20 to the Troll’s Den- I bought Force of Will cards with it
A Dragon Picture that changes depending on your angle- Hanging in my hallway now
2 very soft amazing t-shirts- wearing one for DMing tomorrow

I think that is everything.

It was a very good Christmas season. I start work tomorrow however so the end of the season is approaching way to fast.

I will get some more post up as soon as I can. I am running the first session of my campaign tomorrow for my friends. It should be a lot of fun.


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