So It Begins

Today marks the first day of Spring Training for my job as a Hall Director. Every semester we begin with some training sessions, first a single day of just the higher level staff and then the RAs are brought in and we conduct the training for them.

It will be a long few days as we start at 7:30 AM and there will be more than one night that we get done as late as Midnight. It is a period of no sleep for the RAs as they rush to complete projects and work hard to get the hall ready for opening.

For me I have only a slightly different schedule as I make choices that will decide the fate of students and where they live and who they will live with. Well that is my next few days summed up.

I will also be posting the story of my campaign I ran in the next couple days. I recorded it so my memory of the story cannot fade with time. 😉


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