6 AM

My girlfriend works for the same place I did a year ago as a Transportation Para riding the local public schools bus system. She loves the job and it pays well which really helps the whole situation. During this last week I have been waking up with her and driving her to her job.

Now normally this would not be a problem but I am exhausted. I am very much beginning to understand all of the arguments that parents have against the early hours of schools.

Tori gets on the bus at 6:30 AM and the first pick up is at 6:45 AM. They then continue to drive around and pick up all the kids. The ones that live closer to the school get to sleep longer, while kids that live further away are punished by being forced to awaken earlier and then ride the bus for nearly two hours.

If I was a parent I would be upset about this system. No matter how you look at it some kids are going to get more sleep and therefore have an advantage in the classroom. Even if all that happened was an alternating schedule of which kids are picked up first it would be more fair for the children, though this is far from a solution.


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