Post 200

This year I found my blog once again and started writing as often as I could but perhaps not as often as I should. I skipped several days, posting absolutely nothing or I only posted things I had scheduled in advance. Now this may not actually be a bad thing, for me it took away from my honest about my life posts. In any case this year I have had fun posting and look forward to another year filled with much of the same.

Something interesting that I noticed while working on my writing and creating new posts is that my typical post is worth a lot less in terms of views than anything I ever write for the daily prompts and things like that. I know that the gaming community is smaller but I am still amazed by how much my total number of views dropped when I stopped doing the daily prompts.

Looking at what you can expect this coming year from my blog.

Pathfinder Session updates. As I run my games or play in them I will continue to provide a story and summary of the events my character or a summary of how the events went for my friends. I love role-playing and Pathfinder is my main medium that I use to do so.

I will also post more League of Legends updates and information regarding characters. So far I have only done 1 character write up and that was about Poppy, the keeper of the hammer. As a reader you can expect more of those. I had fun writing the one that I have completed.

I am still the Tournament Organizer for the Troll’s Den for the game called Krosmaster. I am setting up the prize support and everything for this coming semester. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to the stories of games I will have the chance to play and to watch.

You can also expect a lot of life updates and random posts about many different subjects throughout the year. I may do the occasional daily prompt but the prompt has to be eye catching. I hope that you all enjoy reading the story of my life as it happens :).


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