WordPress Minor Issues

So I have actually been writing posts but for some reason they were not showing up on my reader at the very least.

Well after googling the problem and going through the wordpress forums that are actually extremely useful unlike some forums I have seen for other sites. I found at least 4 solutions. I set aside some time to get my posts to show up again.

I got everything set up was about to start running through the solutions when I just checked one last time and boom there were my posts. All of a sudden the problem was fixed. I guess this post is not just me being glad that it resolved but also a post to check and make sure it is really resolved.


3 thoughts on “WordPress Minor Issues

    • I was looking on my Reader, the Followed Sites section. Normally under there I can see things I post as well as what everyone else is posting. For some reason out of the blue I stopped seeing my own appear.


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