1 Luxury Item

Keeping up with the Jones’– Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

I would love to own my very own house. I know this does not seem like a typical Luxury Item but to me right now it definitely feels like it would be considered one.

My House would sit on 80-160 acres of pasture land. It would have a small herd of sheep and a couple horses to complete the picture. (I have raised both my entire life until college.) Really nothing fancy about the rest of the estate besides my dream home sitting  on the property.

My dream home consists of an entryway with a wood chest that people can sit on to take their shoes off, the chest then opens allowing people to store their shoes on the inside. There is a coat rack on one of the walls able to support 15 or so guests coats.

The Dining Room and Kitchen will be a combined room of sorts. Allowing people to shift seamlessly between the two while carrying food items and other kitchenware.

The Living Room contains all of my gaming items including; TV, xbox, board games, etc… There will be a closet in this room where a folding table and the board games are all stored for easy access.

I will have a Library filled with bookshelves and my books. There will be a fireplace with a lounge chair beside it. A small stand beside the chair with a foot rest to complete the image.

Another room for my Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons Games, with a table made just for that. There are hundreds of images for the different kinds of specialized tables that have been designed for gamers.

Other then that just a few boring bedrooms and bathrooms. Enough for myself and at minimum a wife and 2 kids. At maximum a wife and 5 kids. Yes my girlfriend knows that I dream of having a larger family, lucky for me she comes from a large family so it makes sense to her too.

That is a simple version of my dream luxury item.

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