Student Death

Worst Case Scenario– Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

I work as a Hall Director for Residence Life and the number one thing that we are concerned about is Student Safety. The death of a student is the number one concern that we have everyday all year. We take many steps to prevent it from happening and do everything we can to ensure our student’s safety, even when the students think we are being unreasonable with our rules.

However things could still happen and we cannot be prepared for everything that is going on in a residents life at any given time. We prepare for it to happen but hope more than anything that it never does happen. So today the worst case scenario would be one of my Resident Assistants calling me to inform me that they found one of their residents dead.

On the other side of the things what is the best thing that could happen today. The absolute best thing and exactly what I am hoping for, is that all of my residents getting back from Winter Break today will move back into their rooms with ease today, those moving rooms will be able to do so with no complications, and everything will be set up for incoming residents from the other Residence Halls tomorrow.

All I can do is give my staff the best chance for success on my end and then help where needed. As far as I am concerned all the paperwork is in place and set up to make this a smooth transition. Now it is just getting the actual people moved around in the different halls.

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