Family Is Changing

Modern Families– If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Well just for starters people in the modern era live longer so an ancestor would be shocked immediately by how many people in my family have made it past 60 or 70.

The next thing that they would notice is all of the divorces/remarriages that have occurred. My father ( divorced and remarried), 2 of his sisters (divorced and 1 is now remarried),  and my mother (divorced twice and remarried a third time). People live longer they have more ample time to fall in and out of love.

Next would be my sisters. I have 6 younger sisters, in order of age they are; Kr, Me, Ni, Ka, Mi,  and Zi. Kr and Ni are my biological siblings from when my mother and father were still together. We are your average looking Caucasian ranchers from the mid-west. After the divorce and remarriage I gained two Step Sisters. Me and Ka who are not only from an outside family but they are both half Mexican. Yes Half Mexican there grandfather on their dad’s side is the one who immigrated here with his wife. Both my step sisters show their heritage physically, brown skin, dark black hair, etc… Their mom remarried my father and had two kids. So now I have two half sisters as well. They take after their mother a lot with her pasty white Irish heritage. They both have red hair, are whiter than white, and skinny. So as you can see none of us really look a like. But we are family.

My sister Kr has a wife, a boyfriend, and a daughter. My sister and the two people she is with are in a Polyamory relationship. Basically all parties involved have given consent for well just to best describe it would be a Love Triangle where everyone involved have been told about each other. In this case they also all live together and are raising their child together.

I think that ends the shocking things an ancestor from the past might see or hear or learn about the world today versus whatever time period that particular ancestor came out of.

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