LOL, Garen

First a disclaimer. I do not wish to upset anyone, these are my personal thoughts on the subject and I realize that others will not agree with me. I also know that I will be making some generalizations, these are not factual statements and do not apply to every person.

Judging from that first paragraph I am sure some of you know where this is heading. I hate the League of Legends Champion named Garen. I have several friends who enjoy playing him but still I just do not like the champion.

I like to think that all champions have their own personalities. For Garen he is that stereotypical Jock who is a jerk to everyone else. Taking pleasure in bullying others and never backs off. It does not help my image of the champion when most of the players I have played with who play as Garen complete this stereotype. They are generally highly negative and abusive to other members of the team.

HERE– this link will take you to my review of the different players you can run into playing League of Legends. The Troll is the one I most often run into who chooses to play Garen.

I myself attempted to play as Garen when I first started playing League. He fits the type of character I enjoy playing. A highly aggressive champion with lots of ability to both survive and catch enemy champions. I just could not connect with this champion, coupled with my negative experiences with other people who play the champion I just do not enjoy him.

Garen has some fantastic moves and overall is a decent champion I just don’t like him.

His passive allows him to heal at an incredible rate since if being played properly he will have a lot of time in lane when the enemy champion is dead and has left Garen to his own devices.

His Q has the ability to silence an enemy champion allowing him to get off a couple more strikes before they can truly retaliate.

His W passively increases his armor and magic resistance. While actively it grants a shield for a short amount of time.

Garen’s E is the most important of his moves. It spins him like a top dealing damage to everything within range of this giant man with a giant sword spinning at 90 miles per hour.

Garen’s Ultimate or the R is amazing. Capable of dishing out death blow after death blow to enemy champions. It also targets the enemy with the most recent kill allowing Garen to go into any lane and help anywhere as needed without worrying about being overpowered himself.


Garen is known for his spin attack. You can find lots of pictures on tumblr and on pintrest about this champion and his E ability. For some reason you can also find a lot of images of Teemo and Garen as well.


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