Deck Building

So I am starting a new game called Force of Will. Right now I am working on building a deck for this game. I have played many CCGs in the past though I have only ever been good at one of them. I have played Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Urban Rivals (online ccg), and Kaijudo. Kaijudo is the only one I probably could have played competitively.

Knowing my limitations I am starting to look at what cards I own for Force of Will and am using different guides to design a great deck. Right now though I just wish there was an easy system to keep track of the cards I have and then sort them into the decks I want to build.

Like for Magic the Gathering there are programs where you can say how many of a card you have and then design decks with them. The program keeps a total of the cards you have but also tells you how many are left to build other decks with or to trade with. Wishful thinking, I know. Ok back to designing my first Force of Will Deck.


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