Best Game Ever

A group of friends and I have been playing a lot of League here recently and using Skype so that we can communicate instantaneously. It has helped my game a lot since I can receive in can assistance right when I need it. Plus all my friends are more experienced than me so they can point out better items to build or better tactics.

After playing about 8 games like this over the last two days we started this one. At first it was very one sided against us but we started to even out at the 20 minute mark. We would have never guessed that it would hit the 1 hour 20 minute mark and still not be over. It was a huge game of tug of war. Teemo played by cleverfire stayed in our base as last defense for the last 20 minutes of the game. Myself playing Nidalee acted as support for Aatrox played by Hearteater. Killybilly dominated the field as Lux. bennieboo was some random person we got grouped with but stuck with the match and helped us pull an amazing victory.

Afterwards we just all sat there stunned. If you would like the full stats breakdown I can post them. To put it simply we were behind the whole game. They had destroyed one more tower than us and had grabbed dragon 6 times while we only had it 4 times. We tied Baron both teams grabbing 2 times. It was intense and I loved it.

League Game of Pain


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