My Learning Style

Learning Style– What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

Over the years I have been in school for 18 years. Kindergarten-Super Senior in College. 18 years of my 22 years alive. So I would think I have a lot of experience with my own personal learning style, at least I hope by now I have figured it out.

I enjoy some lectures, the teacher/professor has to be interesting. If the material is something I can completely ignore, grab a pretest, google the answers the day of, and then pass with an A, I will and I do. I have found that I greatly enjoy online classes because they make me read and work with the book. I hate buying books for college that I then never use.

For Math and Language courses it is highly important to me that there are review days. I do not mean days were we go over exactly what happened yesterday. I mean a day where the teacher gives a question from each section all the way through the current one. This also works as a way for them to track that they are actually teaching the material.

I myself am an Introvert, I have a few posts about that whole deal. For me I hate group projects. I am the quiet one that knows what is going on. If someone in my group designates themselves as leader I won’t argue with them. I am also very comfortable becoming the group leader because I do know what is going on. Group projects are supposed to teach us how to work with others. In reality it teaches how unreliable people are and how much we hate them.

So please just give me an assignment and I will go do it. Thank you.

I think that sums up my learning style. At least what comes to mind right now. I am very passionate about this subject because at one time I did want to be a teacher and I do still have 4 siblings in school.

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