LOL, Shaco

I am back onto a champion that I love though there is a lot of hate in the League of Legends community for this crazy guy. He is a great champion if you would like to Jungle for your team and if you like getting quick kills. He is an assassin and uses the jungle to quickly level providing him the strength and gold to provide support to your allies across the map.


For me greatly reminds me of the Joker from the Batman comics and movies. Another one that comes up a lot is the Mad Hatter. So you can think of this champion as the love child between those two.

I bought Shaco after playing about 20 games against the AI with him. I was not using him as a Jungler at that time instead I was playing a support role for my Top Laner. It would be later that I learned how awesome he is at clearing the Jungle.

An overview of his awesome abilities are as follows.

Shaco’s Passive- Shaco deals an additional 20% damage when attacking an enemy from behind.
Shaco’s Q- He turns invisible and flashes a short distance. You can use this to pop over walls or just escape the enemy champion. It can also be used when attacking because you can position yourself to unleash the full potential of Shaco’s Passive.
Shaco’s W- This ability seems like crap if you are used to playing champions like Sion or Udyr. However at first level you are one of the few champions that can kill a Jungle Camp Solo. Take this ability at first level and you are already off to a great start.
Shaco’s E- Slows the target, deals poison damage, is ranged! What more does this fast attack champion need. You can ensure that the target of your assassination does not get away or if they think they are safe under a turret, toss this in and let the poison kill them.
Shaco’s R- What is better than one Shaco? How about TWO! The enemy will have a hard time attacking the one that is actually you and the whole time you are dealing double damage as you position the real you to start hitting them in the back using even more of Shaco’s Passive.

Now that I have gone over his abilities you may want to know what I buy and build. I will tell you that this build is not the end all of Shaco builds. I have had success with it however and if you would like to try it absolutely go ahead.

Starting Items- Hunters Machete + Refillable Potion
1. Stalker’s Blade, Warriors Enchantment
2. Ravenous Hydra
3. Berserker’s Grieves or Deadman’s Plate
4. Youmuu’s Ghostblade


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