Losing Financial Aid

This last Friday my girlfriend lost all of her Financial Aid to attend our University. She wrote an appeal and it was rejected, so she is looking at a bill of $8000. Of course she works for the college as a work study student worker (financial aid student worker). So she lost her job, this on top of everything else. She is looking at just dropping out of college for the semester and then hopefully building back up to where she can get back in. We both know the statistics of a withdrawal getting back into a situation that they can return to school, not good.

The icing on the cake was the fact this Sunday was her birthday. We celebrated had friends over and had quite a bit of fun but that was still looming over us. Her step-mother called to figure out the college situation. She greatly pushed staying in college but refused to acknowledge that there is no way to pay the $8000 out of pocket. On top of it all she forgot that it was Tori’s birthday. That last part just ended it for Tori and she did have a minor cry, she has been very strong through this whole situation.

Now the good parts. I think that 4 of her friends are going to give $50 each, plus $200+ from me, and she is giving $200+ for this as well. But we are getting together as a group and getting her a desktop so that she can play League of Legends with us and is no longer left out when we play as a group.


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