Krosmaster, League, and AoG

My life is full of gaming I am sure you all have noticed if you have read more than just my few scattered daily posts and things like that. Well a short little life update for today.

Tonight is the second day of the Krosmaster League I run here at The Troll’s Den. We are looking at 6 people being there since one player will be heading home today to see family. Giving out some awesome prize support so that will be exciting.

Afterwards I think several of us are all going to get on and play some League together. We are really all wanting to get to level 30 so as a group we can play ranked. Specifically team ranked matches. This would be a great experience we think and we could learn a lot.

Saturday another event for AoG on campus as we try to spread just how much fun we are. I am taking Force of Will, and other stuff as needed. The problem with owning a lot of games. Everyone can count on you to have a copy of what they are looking for. 🙂

After that guess what! Most likely more team working as we really are trying to become a viable League of Legends team.

Now the downside of this weekend. I am on call for my job so at any point I could have to run somewhere and deal with an incident.


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