2-3 AM

It is 2 AM once again. Nearing on 3. I cannot sleep. I just rearranged my apartment. I threw away some old items and worked at doing homework I needed to. I went ahead and also did laundry. Still I find myself looking for something. Next on the list I talked to a friend that lives in another city. Well that wasn’t it. Here I am feeling inspired to do something but nothing feels that void. I took my GF home for the night. I really think I just want her here but I can’t on top of that for the last five years I have not been allowed to have a pet of any kind other than a fish. So Frankie sits in his tank, that I spent way too much money on because I just needed that pet. Really I need a cat more than anything else. Ah well. Here I am sleep deprived and covered in sweat from rearranging my apartment posting on my blog.

Have a great night everyone, there is my awesome update.


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