Graduate Hall Director

I was offered a position at my University working as a Graduate Hall Director specifically in our Honors Resident Hall. This is a major opportunity for me because I will have the chance to work with students who are part of a learning community. As someone who is currently working to build my professional experiences and with that my resume this opportunity will complete the different kinds of housing my University offers.

My first year as an RA I worked in the Freshman Housing. My second year as an RA I worked with our non-traditional, faculty, and graduate student housing. My first year as an AHD I worked in Greek Housing. Now I will get the opportunity to work with a Learning Community.

Being a GHD, I will have a staff of 3 RAs who I will work with to keep the residents safe and following the campus policies. In the past I had a staff of 4 and at semester had to train 2 completely new RAs. I look forward to having another staff to work with and help develop their own careers.

Another new thing that I will get the opportunity to help with will be helping students run their own Campus Assembly in the hall. By advocating and getting students involved I can assist them in making their own Hall government that can present things to our Campus Dining Services or other departments. They can also compete with other halls in the different events held throughout the year.

Part of being a GHD is that I will also be a Graduate Student. I posted a while ago that I would be graduating on May 6th. Well that day has come and gone and I did indeed graduate with an all A final semester. Along with that came the news that I had been accepted into the Student Affairs Graduate Program offered by University.

I will be continuing my studies and work on my first Master’s Degree!


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