Graduation Party

As some of you know my parents are divorced and they both are remarried. Well along with that divorce there are still a lot of hard feelings between the family members on each side so they cannot do anything together.

This brings me to my graduation party. Each side is going to end up hosting their own. My father has already hosted his and that is what I will be describing in this post and my mother will be hosting hers on June 11th. Making it a Graduation Party and Birthday Party for me.

On Sunday May 8th my parents reserved us several tables at the local game store and catered in Jimmy Johns. We set ourselves up and played many, many games. Including Werewolves, Gruff, Krosmaster, and Force of Will. Despite everything being planned in the span of about 3 days many people were able to come. Including friends of mine I had not seen since High School. I should clarify, friends from my first high school. So it had been about 8 years since the last time I had seen them. All of my siblings were there (1 younger brother and 6 younger sisters. Plus both of my nieces).

We were a large crowd for our little game store but we bought games and offered food to anyone who came. It was a great time and lots of fun was had by everyone.


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