Week of Savings Spent

This past week as been a series of unfortunate events or mandatory bills needing paid while I moved into my new place. Typically I have saved up enough for me to be fired and pay bills still for about 2 months, was working on getting that to 3 months.

Due to the events of this past week I now have zero saved up. I moved into my new places and bought groceries, my car insurance became due, my girlfriend dropped her phone and will be paying me back over time, and I found out that I need a new phone by tomorrow. Truly I could go get myself another cheap phone and put about 500 back into savings, however with my job and where I want to continue working it is highly encouraged to get a smart phone.

It has just been an interesting week. It helps knowing that a friend of mine is buying my Space Wolf 40k Army for 500 and my girlfriend will be paying me back the 259 for helping her out this past week. Just right now a little extra buffer would be nice =).


One thought on “Week of Savings Spent

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