I have never owned a smart phone but after this last week and knowing what my job kinda needs for day to day operations. I have decided to make the leap into the smart phone world. This brings me to what do I get. Tori is a major fan of the Samsung Galaxy series but their app store does not support many of the things that I would download for my job. The Iphone on the other hand does everything I need and want, the only problem being that it is an Apple product.

I hate Apple Computers, yes they are user friendly and all of that but they are not capable of doing most of what I use a computer for. The Ipad is amazing and is able to do everything I need plus more, unlike my Kindle Fire that just sits off to the side anymore. So for the logical option I am making the upgrade clear up to the Iphone 6s, not sure what the s stands for but I guess after today I will own this device.


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