Random Trip

Yesterday I made the hour drive to go see my mom. She was making lasagna and some other amazing food and with my new job I will have more opportunities to drive home even if just for a little bit. So Tori, my girlfriend of a couple years, and I jumped in my car and off we drove. It was pretty exciting stuff.

When we got there I got to see one of my sisters who I did not know would be there at all but hey siblings are a good surprise. I got a graduation card from my grandmas as well which made me feel pretty good. We all sat around and talked about Game of Thrones for several hours but at the end of the  night for the kicker my Mom’s husband gave me his graduation gift to me, $700. After having all of these problems this last week with my savings being drained this just saved me. I was blown away, I probably said thank you 20 times over the course of the rest of the evening.

Overall it was a very fun trip and was just fantastic. I also got to take home the leftovers =D. I love lasagna!


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