Wind in the Sails

A simple life update, but it is important to me so why not write it out on here?

Over this past month my girlfriend’s, Tori, and my relationship has new wind in its sails. While our relationship has been going steady for the last to years and everything is great in this last month especially we have become even closer, and for the most part it is just through normal everyday things. As an example her phone plan and my phone plan has become our phone plan as we added her phone to my account making it our account.

Even though she pays rent for her actual place she is living she spends more time at my apartment and has basically moved in. She has laid claim to my kitchen and arranged everything how she wants it, so now for me to find anything I need I must ask her or dig through the entire kitchen.

Just through these simple things our relationship has been taken to new heights and from where I am sitting there is still further we can go. Two years ago I was not looking for a wife, just someone who would love me back and would be there. Two years later I am with the person I was looking for then and she may be exactly what I need for the rest of my life.


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