My Wedding + Some Thoughts

My wife and I got married this summer at a courthouse because we wanted to save money and because it would allow us to live together sooner. Where I work for a University the policy of not having someone of a different gender than you is strict. Though this is being changed soon.

At first our parents assumed that the only reasons were because she must be pregnant and we are getting married for that reason. Not the case in fact she isn’t pregnant. Well now our parents are just confused by why would we get married in such a weird way where only two friends were present for the actual vows.

We are having a reception this coming February where people can come and see us as a sort of way for us to still partially hold to tradition. Though my mother keeps thinking that Tori will walk down the isle at this event no matter how many times I explain it will just be a reception.

With this whole event happening Tori and I are working on figuring out how we are paying for everything and just how much does stuff really cost.

$900 for her dress.
$650 for the rings.
$900 for food.
$600 for the venue.
$450 for everything else.
This comes out to be right around $3,500 and I am thinking to myself that this is a lot to spend on a single day. I then find out from the custodian in my building that her wedding cost $20,000.

That’s Insane!

All I could do was look at her in absolute amazement. Why spend so much on a single day of your life? Arguably one that for the overall scheme of things is not that important. It is an important day but is it as important as the birth of your first child, besides hospital bills I don’t see parents spending near the extravagance for such a momentous event.

I know that I won’t even be spending $3,000 on the day my first child is born, but maybe I should. Why is getting married more important on a single day than the birth of a child when they both are things that you will carry with you for life.


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