The Wife’s Siblings

Starting this last Thursday we are having my Wife’s siblings come up and stay with us in pairs for a week at a time.

So far we have visited the Mall of America where I learned they really didn’t know how to shop or explore for hours on end. It was like pulling teeth to have them say things like “can we go in there.” Eventually they got the message that they’re in charge while we were walking around. We bought them a few things as well, we spent $50 on stuffed alpacas and they tried to apologize for how expensive they were.

Today we are taking them to the Mall again today but this time to enjoy the amusement park. A whole afternoon doing all but the extras like the zip line, I have no idea how they are going to react.

We also have let them play VR on our Oculus which they’ve fallen in love with Beat Saber. Overall this is going to be a week of new experiences. I think we are taking them to Sushi, Bouldering, to a fish store, to a couple parks, mini golf, and overall just a good time.

They also really like our cats “bad cat” and “fat cat.” Aries and Athena have enjoyed the increase in attention.

All I know is after just one day I slept hard as they wore me out with all the talking all day everyday. As this week keeps going I imagine that my introvert self is going to be deeply exhausted lol.

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