Superhero Time

A friend of mine has recently gotten another Superhero RPG and so we have been testing out character creation with it. So far I am liking the number of options and how the system tries to randomize some of the aspects. Overall it seems to be cleaner than the other Superhero RPG’s I have played.

I cannot wait to actually try out fighting some super-villains and other bad guys just to see how the game mechanics themselves work. As of right now I am hopeful.

I think the most fun part of any Superhero RPG is making the backstory for your hero. Well because my friend has been working on this superhero universe since college he has a lot of stories prepared for before, after, and during the Reformation of the Tree of Life. Which means that I have so far made 4 characters with backstories, well I’ve written a couple of the backstories so far.

I cannot wait to actually have the opportunity to use Doctor Anima, The Dryad, Shadow, and The Oni in sessions.

One thought on “Superhero Time

  1. When I played Champions I used to enjoy making the back stories and such too, and also having the characters change over time as I played them. I hope you have fun with your new characters and the game.


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