Doctor Anima

Originally born in the early 1600’s Doctor Anima was of noble birth and lived a blessed life. He had the opportunity to study at some of the best colleges of science and anatomy, later taking a trip to Egypt where he saw the mummification process first hand. He quickly became obsessed with medicine and the human condition.

As he grew older his thirst for knowledge shifted from curing disease and saving people to saving himself. After all he didn’t want to die and let the world lose everything he had learned in his many years.

Doctor Anima turned his attention to obtaining immortality naturally by boosting his own being. His science soon led him to discovering that he could achieve immortality at the cost of sucking the Anima and Vitae out of other living people. He knew it was wrong but if only one person must die for him to live on to save others then that would be for the greater good.

So began the story of Doctor Anima.

He developed two sets of “claws” that acted as needles. His left hand could suck the soul of a person from their body leaving a mindless husk behind. His right could pull a persons organs and blood right out to replace his malfunctioning parts.

In an attempt to require less human replacement parts the Doctor made himself mechanical hands, legs, and eyes.

The legs allowed him to move faster, the hands could arm and disarm his “Anima Suctorial/Vitae Suctorial” needles, and his eyes were capable of seeing the ebb/flow of a persons inner workings.

As time passed the Doctor would put himself into a deep sleep for a decade so people would forget about him. Then when he reappeared he could continue his work in less reputable places where the occasional missing person could go unnoticed.

Since he must have new lives and souls for himself to continue living he often will help save humanity from disasters of a more “super” variety while still working to cure disease and injury.

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