The Dryad

She never learned her own name.

She was never given the chance.

Born into an indigenous tribe in the thick forests of Brazil she was there the day the beasts came. She was only a small child when out of the brush these loud roaring beasts made of steel and smoke erupted. From them men starting popping out with sticks that made loud popping noises. All around her people fell with large holes through them.

She watched as a tall huge man walked up to and pointed one of those sticks at her. Then she saw and felt nothing.

Time passed and suddenly she was awake. Maybe.

Her left arm was different. So was her left leg. As she looked down this had to be a dream, most of her body appeared to be made of wood.

When she looked up a small creature with a human face was looking at her. “I felt the fight in your heart and have given you new life. Protect the forest, protect nature, and protect the world.”

With that the creature disappeared.

The girl with no name stood with her new body and anger in her heart in the direction from where the metal beasts had come. She tracked them with ease back to a large camp.

Her rage grew as she saw the beasts all lined up with men rubbing them for a job well done. She launched a frontal assault.

Vines and tree roots grew from her hands and slammed into enemies or wrapped them up. As the men shot her she could feel the bullets passing through but her “flesh” grew back just as quickly. When one man hit her with an axe a splinter of wood from where she was hit splintered off and through the mans throat.

It was easy.

Within moments the whole camp was in bloody disarray and no one was breathing save for a girl with no name.

It was several more years before the rage in her heart quieted and when it did she decided to roam the world helping other people facing similar situations. She will always stand before tyrants and murderers to protect the weak and poor. Taking part in peaceful demonstrations to protect Mother Earth and becoming a well respected activist.

She was named The Dryad due to her appearance and through her many years as a protector of the helpless has become a known leader/speaker at the United Nations pushing for Global Human Rights and Environmental Rights.

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