Telling Stories: Fevered Fencing

Another story about my grandpa Dale from the ranch.

I worked for my grandfather every summer from basically the time I could drive the four wheeler (5) until the last summer I worked for him, my senior year of high school. He paid well and one summer after my cousins complained enough we would even get 1 day/week off. At the time this was huge. So I have plenty of stories from my time there.

Anyways this story takes place and I personally have no memory of it because well I was sick with a fever. Apparently really sick.

The way the story goes is that while I was out there the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school my grandfather decided he wanted to build a brand new fence cutting one of the meadows in half. The new fence would be a 4 wire 1/4 mile long with 2 5 wire gates in it at designated locations. Okay no big deal. My cousin and I hauled all of the supplies out and set up for the next day when we would build this fence.

Well I guess come the next day I was sicker n’ hell but the fence still needed built. My cousin ended up needing to go home that day, I don’t remember why, and I was told to build the fence while my grandfather went into town.

Well in my family orders are orders, especially coming from my grandpa.

As my grandpa tells the story I built the whole fence in a single day including braiding together the gates. (Barbed wire fence and Barbed wire gates) To this day he tells that story and includes that its the best fence I’ve ever built.

Honestly for a while I was kinda proud of that fence but as I’ve gotten older and looking back that fence stands for something else.

Why is it that the best fence I’ve ever built was one that I was so sick I don’t remember building it?
Why was I put in the position to work that hard when I was so very sick?

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