Back From My Fathers And My Mothers

I have been too two Christmas parties since I was on last. I went to my Fathers where we celebrated my grandfather turning 70, followed by a day of Christmas gifts and celebration. Most of my family on that side was there. Then we (Tori and I) drove another 4 hours in the opposite direction to my mothers where we had another Christmas party. All in all both of them were tons of fun and fantastic.

A summation of the gifts from my family are as follows.
Voice Recorder- For Gaming and Lectures
Game of Thrones Risk
24″ Computer Monitor
Crockpot- Being used tomorrow for roast
Chessex Gaming Mat- Also being used tomorrow
Frigost Map for Krosmaster
$20 to the Troll’s Den- I bought Force of Will cards with it
A Dragon Picture that changes depending on your angle- Hanging in my hallway now
2 very soft amazing t-shirts- wearing one for DMing tomorrow

I think that is everything.

It was a very good Christmas season. I start work tomorrow however so the end of the season is approaching way to fast.

I will get some more post up as soon as I can. I am running the first session of my campaign tomorrow for my friends. It should be a lot of fun.


Krosmaster League

I am the tournament organizer for a game called Krosmaster Arena at my local game store. The game is a lot of fun and I have a lot of fun getting prize support to be given out. What makes my community of gamers so great is that they do not care about who wins. They elected to instead of have a giant winner of the entire league we would have a series of door prizes to be handed out over time. Giving everyone a chance to enjoy some special models and other fun items.

I think it is important that everyone has fun during these events and the fact that no one is forcing a competitive mentality is amazing. It is very casual and while there will be a prize for the winner of the entire League, no one is competing for it. Instead the current players are focusing on teaching new players and growing the community. Tonight as an example no prizes at all will be handed out but people are still going to shop up to teach players for the next league starting in January.

It is moments like these that I am proud of the gaming community and am so glad that I decided to be a Tournament Organizer for a game that I greatly enjoy.