It is amazing how fast time flies. I kept telling myself I would get on here and post again sooner rather than later. Four months later here I am finally posting again.

Some pretty cool life events have happened, keeping me busy. My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend instead she is my wife. We are both very happy and excited. She works a lot though, two jobs and all. Here I am working one job and still getting educated. Officially started my graduate degree this year. We will see how quickly I can complete it.

Playing a lot of League of Legends still, but a lot more of Dead by Daylight. A fantastic newer game. Currently it is getting some hate for being full of bugs. However the concept is good and the gameplay is fun.

Well it is 2 am here so I am going to post this and then head to bed. Post more in the future.



So League of Legends has put out a new champion. Taliyah. She is an earth bender and weaver who is young and still learning about her powers. So far I have loved her gameplay. There will certainly be a post to come about her and how much fun she is.

LOL, Shaco

I am back onto a champion that I love though there is a lot of hate in the League of Legends community for this crazy guy. He is a great champion if you would like to Jungle for your team and if you like getting quick kills. He is an assassin and uses the jungle to quickly level providing him the strength and gold to provide support to your allies across the map.


For me greatly reminds me of the Joker from the Batman comics and movies. Another one that comes up a lot is the Mad Hatter. So you can think of this champion as the love child between those two.

I bought Shaco after playing about 20 games against the AI with him. I was not using him as a Jungler at that time instead I was playing a support role for my Top Laner. It would be later that I learned how awesome he is at clearing the Jungle.

An overview of his awesome abilities are as follows.

Shaco’s Passive- Shaco deals an additional 20% damage when attacking an enemy from behind.
Shaco’s Q- He turns invisible and flashes a short distance. You can use this to pop over walls or just escape the enemy champion. It can also be used when attacking because you can position yourself to unleash the full potential of Shaco’s Passive.
Shaco’s W- This ability seems like crap if you are used to playing champions like Sion or Udyr. However at first level you are one of the few champions that can kill a Jungle Camp Solo. Take this ability at first level and you are already off to a great start.
Shaco’s E- Slows the target, deals poison damage, is ranged! What more does this fast attack champion need. You can ensure that the target of your assassination does not get away or if they think they are safe under a turret, toss this in and let the poison kill them.
Shaco’s R- What is better than one Shaco? How about TWO! The enemy will have a hard time attacking the one that is actually you and the whole time you are dealing double damage as you position the real you to start hitting them in the back using even more of Shaco’s Passive.

Now that I have gone over his abilities you may want to know what I buy and build. I will tell you that this build is not the end all of Shaco builds. I have had success with it however and if you would like to try it absolutely go ahead.

Starting Items- Hunters Machete + Refillable Potion
1. Stalker’s Blade, Warriors Enchantment
2. Ravenous Hydra
3. Berserker’s Grieves or Deadman’s Plate
4. Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Best Game Ever

A group of friends and I have been playing a lot of League here recently and using Skype so that we can communicate instantaneously. It has helped my game a lot since I can receive in can assistance right when I need it. Plus all my friends are more experienced than me so they can point out better items to build or better tactics.

After playing about 8 games like this over the last two days we started this one. At first it was very one sided against us but we started to even out at the 20 minute mark. We would have never guessed that it would hit the 1 hour 20 minute mark and still not be over. It was a huge game of tug of war. Teemo played by cleverfire stayed in our base as last defense for the last 20 minutes of the game. Myself playing Nidalee acted as support for Aatrox played by Hearteater. Killybilly dominated the field as Lux. bennieboo was some random person we got grouped with but stuck with the match and helped us pull an amazing victory.

Afterwards we just all sat there stunned. If you would like the full stats breakdown I can post them. To put it simply we were behind the whole game. They had destroyed one more tower than us and had grabbed dragon 6 times while we only had it 4 times. We tied Baron both teams grabbing 2 times. It was intense and I loved it.

League Game of Pain

LOL, Garen

First a disclaimer. I do not wish to upset anyone, these are my personal thoughts on the subject and I realize that others will not agree with me. I also know that I will be making some generalizations, these are not factual statements and do not apply to every person.

Judging from that first paragraph I am sure some of you know where this is heading. I hate the League of Legends Champion named Garen. I have several friends who enjoy playing him but still I just do not like the champion.

I like to think that all champions have their own personalities. For Garen he is that stereotypical Jock who is a jerk to everyone else. Taking pleasure in bullying others and never backs off. It does not help my image of the champion when most of the players I have played with who play as Garen complete this stereotype. They are generally highly negative and abusive to other members of the team.

HERE– this link will take you to my review of the different players you can run into playing League of Legends. The Troll is the one I most often run into who chooses to play Garen.

I myself attempted to play as Garen when I first started playing League. He fits the type of character I enjoy playing. A highly aggressive champion with lots of ability to both survive and catch enemy champions. I just could not connect with this champion, coupled with my negative experiences with other people who play the champion I just do not enjoy him.

Garen has some fantastic moves and overall is a decent champion I just don’t like him.

His passive allows him to heal at an incredible rate since if being played properly he will have a lot of time in lane when the enemy champion is dead and has left Garen to his own devices.

His Q has the ability to silence an enemy champion allowing him to get off a couple more strikes before they can truly retaliate.

His W passively increases his armor and magic resistance. While actively it grants a shield for a short amount of time.

Garen’s E is the most important of his moves. It spins him like a top dealing damage to everything within range of this giant man with a giant sword spinning at 90 miles per hour.

Garen’s Ultimate or the R is amazing. Capable of dishing out death blow after death blow to enemy champions. It also targets the enemy with the most recent kill allowing Garen to go into any lane and help anywhere as needed without worrying about being overpowered himself.


Garen is known for his spin attack. You can find lots of pictures on tumblr and on pintrest about this champion and his E ability. For some reason you can also find a lot of images of Teemo and Garen as well.

LOL, Poppy

Here is my first League of Legends Character Post. I am doing it over the hero that I am currently the best with. I can knowingly say that Poppy is my best because of the system LOL has to keep track. I have a mastery level 4 with this champion while my next highest is only at Mastery level 2.

I bought Poppy on a whim and because she is one of the cheapest champions to purchase. She costs 450 IP, earning anywhere from 50-150 IP every game plus the 1/day First Win Of The Day bonus IP of 150 IP. IP stands for Influence Points though the name of the currency is irrelevant.

After buying Poppy I just had to play a few games with her. She was amazing. I started playing and I just didn’t stop. Poppy completes my play style, except for her Ultimate Ability. I struggle with making it work right and therefore get a much weaker version of what it can really do.

She is the Keeper of a Hammer that she is trying to deliver to the Hero worthy of holding it. In my mind every time she enters the League of Legends Arena she is looking for the Hero worthy of the Hammer. “HERE TAKE THE HAMMER…. Oh you died, you were not worthy.”- At least this is how I like to imagine her.

In the video you can see all of her abilities and what makes her special. Now to my breakdown.

Poppy is a massive tank, capable of going into any of the three lanes. Personally I do not think she should be in the Mid Lane but I have seen other people do just that and I have played a couple matches in Mid with her. Her Q ability delivers a crushing blow with just a little bit of range to it which can catch fleeing enemy Champions. Her W gives her a circle of protection and also increases her speed. I use it to catch fleeing enemy champions of when needed to body block for an ally. Poppy’s E is a massive charge attack, that for some reason a lot of players are caught by surprise by. This can lead to some massacres as you knock one champion into a wall followed by the Q. Then using the W Poppy can chase down the second champion. Lastly is the R ability or the Ult. Poppy’s sends the enemy champion sky high, now this is where I fail. For me the best I can do is get the enemy in the air and stunned for a few seconds. But the true power of the Ult is that it sends whoever is hit flying back towards their tower creating a situation where Poppy can get a 1v1 fight that she will most likely win.

So in reading how I use her abilities you may want to know where I put her on the map. I really prefer bottom lane with an ADC, Ashe preferably. By running on the bottom lane this tanky fighter can shut down the enemy’s ADC (Ashe, Jinx, Corki, Etc…) and have enough left over to help the allied ADC to take down the support. At level 8 a Poppy that has several kills and thus plenty of gold can then go and solo kill the dragon giving the entire team a bonus. If it is a slower game at level 10 Poppy can still get the job done solo.

Some Items I take while playing Poppy (in the order I get them) are the following.
1. Dead Man’s Plate
2. Titanic Hydra
3. Warmogs Armor or Thornmail or The Black Cleaver (depends on how the game is going).
After this the game is usually over but in case it is not I grab more high Attack Damage Items.

You can follow the link HERE for more information about this Tiny Hero and her Hammer.

Players In League

This is not me trying to describe every player in League of Legends, nor am I saying that every person fits into one of these categories but I think for people playing the game it is important to note the different kinds of players.

The Troll- For a lack of a better name this is the player who joins a match and then proceeds to bring down their own players. This person is often very noticeable because they are spamming the chat box about how everyone else on their team sucks, or they might target just one player. They do not understand that it is okay to lose because experience will only make someone a better player.
When you are winning by a lot this player is not likely to open their mouth, but if it is a close game and you still pull out a victory. You can expect some remarks in the after game chat room.

The Gamer- This person is here to play competitively. They are often very good players and will help carry a team to victory if everyone else can keep up. They often do not say much in the chat except a few pieces of advice that will help someone in a later game. Overall this is a very fun person to play a game with.
However there are a few who just want to win and can take losing very sorely. They can make everything into a competition and become very upset if they do poorly, or the team does poorly.

The Player- This person is there to have fun. That is all they care about win or lose as long as the game is fun they will keep on playing. Not the best player on the team, nor are they the worst. They can bring a lot to the table given a chance and will make everyone else have fun while doing it.
The Player most often suffers the wrath of The Troll.

The Beginner- They are players who play Lane specific or maybe have a few certain champions that they play. They are just getting into the game and would like to have a chance to really practice. They tend to play a lot of games versus the AI before advancing to one of the other categories or just into one of their own.

The Surrenderer- This Player hits surrender and calls for a vote as soon as the game looks like it might be lost. They continuously call for a surrender every time anything bad happens the rest of the game and harasses everyone else if they do not vote yes to surrender the match. They do not want to “waste” their time and tend to make a lot of noise about it.

Another great post about players in games like League of Legends can be found HERE. While he uses different names and mentions the AFK player all in terms to education it is still a very good summation of players.