Stranger Things

I had been hearing so many things about the show Stranger Things on Netflix. About how awesome it is and just how great the story was. I took a look at the cover picture and I told myself that it looked silly.

*Below this point there may be spoilers for Stranger Things and Neverwhere*


However the people telling me just how good it was would not stop and because the characters in the show play Dungeons and Dragons my friends thought that I would love it.

Eventually I did cave. I sat down and watched the first episode and then the second and the third. By the time I hit the finale it was three in the morning and my head was spinning with all of the information that I just received.

I felt as though so many things that I have wanted just came together and were made into a movie. The show itself felt like someone was sitting behind the scenes running a game of Innocents in the World of Darkness setting. The characters were all actually being played by a group of friends and each episode itself was another session of the same campaign.

Afterwards I just couldn’t contain myself and I had to explain to my wife everything that just happened. Not only in the show but how it made me feel.

One of my favorite books of all time Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman held a similar idea to the show Stranger Things in regards to there being two worlds. For Neil Gaiman it was London Above and London Below.

In the end the show inspired me to pull out my World of Darkness books and start working on writing a campaign version of Stranger Things. Something that my friends can play in and experience, still different enough from the show that it can stand alone and knowing the show will not make it so that they automatically do everything right.


Lock-In Session 6

The 6th and final session for the Association of Gamers Lock-In was a Fast and Furious themed one. I started by introducing the characters to each other and to their cars. The I thrust them directly into the heat of things, aka assaulting a semi.

They were on the road pursuing their target when two SUVs fell back from the convoy to intercept them. After only two rounds of car versus car combat the players drove them off the road. Creating a perfect gap for their team leader to make an advance.

They were then intercepted by 3 sedans and 2 SUVs that attempted to deter the party. The team had some difficulties as one of their cars was nearly destroyed after a particularly nasty round of combat. Making a comeback and with no shortage of firepower the team shot up or out maneuvered their opponents.

While one team had a person on the roof of the car and was trying to get in through the back another team pulled in front of the semi and tried to jump through the windshield. After several failed attempts and close deaths the party got the semi to pull to halt.

They were able to find their quarry, a pink diamond, one of a kind. They went to the drop site only to be attacked by a private army. After fleeing the scene and attempting to cause some damage on the way out. The leader received a call that he was holding Dom (Vin Diesel’s Character) hostage in exchange for the diamond.

The party went to the new drop site hoping to get their friend back in exchange for this diamond. The plan fell apart when they were surrounded by a massive army of men with machine guns. They held them off while trying to defend their position. They were losing and would have all died, until Dom showed up leading his team, scattering the militia to the wind. Giving the players a chance to escape and complete the job.

Lock-In Session 4

Session number 4 was based on the movie Rise of the Guardians. The one with Hugh Jackman playing the Easter Bunny.

The players all played as someone from the movie; Bunny, Santa, Tooth, Sandy, and Jack. They all feel an urge to visit Germany as they can feel darkness spreading.

When they arrive they hear the terrible stories children are telling about people like Cinderella whose own step sisters cut off their toe and heel to try and fit in a glass slipper. Only to be attacked by birds and have theirs eyes pecked out.

They trace the stories to a single source, the Grimm Brothers. The party searched for the brothers and eventually located them in a secluded house in Germany. As they approached a witch flew out of the sky and attacked them. After killing the with she burst apart scattering ripped books everywhere.

Next a army of dwarves appeared blocking their path. Again upon their destruction piles of shredded paper and bindings appeared. By now the players are assuming that killing these creatures is an act of destroying the story therefore killing the darkness that is being spread by them.

Now they reach the house, where a wolf sleeps guarding the door. After an attempt to sneak by, in which Jack did manage to open the door without the wolf noticing. They were all attacked. Once again the heroes were victorious. Leaving behind another pile of paper they marched on.

There they saw Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, terror to children and destroyers of fairy tails. The characters attacked, Sandy was killed (to come back later because the children still believe in him). Then Pitch appeared backing up his minions of evil. Together the players defeated their enemies and took victory.

Pitch escaped into the night evading the heroes to return another day.

Lock-In Session 1

The first session that I ran was a take on Red Dawn, the characters were all college students at their local college for a night class. When suddenly three armed individuals rush in and shoot the professor.

They are led out into the hallway and towards the door. When they reach the door they are fired upon by a policeman who their escorts now shoot down. At this moment the group chose to fight and proceeded to in a single round take out their guards.

Now the group of them hatch a plan to free their families, find shelter, and stop the invasion in their town. At first they try to get weapons (They have the three from their guards, 1 shotgun, and 1 pistol), where they spot a large amount of guards at the police station. The party is dissuaded and now they are thinking about people. At this moment they can hear a voice over the speaker.

The voice is talking about how lucky the citizens are that they are still alive, while simultaneously killing other people. A fence has been constructed around the entire town, they are now stuck inside of a compound.

The party hatches a plan to take out the power supply for the fence that is now decorated with corpses of those who fought the invasion. They still need to get out of the compound, their plan, drive through the fence at a weak point.

After searching for the weakest point they find a section of fence that is not yet complete because the invaders are burning the building that is being built beside. They decide to rush this section of the fence despite there being 6 people with assault rifles. It is during this moment the driver channeled her Shotgun to protect the party. “Come on Becca” (Becca being the name of the shotgun.)

They easily disposed of their enemies with only two of their members being wounded, one of them the driver and hunter. Once outside of the compound the party headed to the local Dam which provides the towns power.

After spending some time looking around inside they came up with the idea to shut the whole thing off and making it inoperable using some materials they got at the college.

When the power supply went offline the Commander of the invasion forces for this town accompanied his soldiers to investigate leading to a shootout where the party successfully killed off any threat to their town.

It Builds Character

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

It Builds Character

My favorite character of all time would have to be Dr. Gregory House from the television series House. Of course his character is greatly based on the famous Character of Literature, Sherlock Holmes. After watching the series Sherlock aired on BBC I must say that if there were more episodes then my favorite television show and character would most definitely shift.

However my loyalties still lie with the British Actor and Musical Artist Hugh Laurie and his performance of Dr. House.

What would I want to talk about with this character? Well after being brutally mocked and told I was an idiot it would be hard to keep a civil conversation. Luckily House tends to lead the conversation where he would like to go. In this manner I would have little control over where the conversation headed, and to be honest I would just enjoy watching the mind of this brilliant doctor work its way through any puzzle. Of course to actually get the man to take an interest in me I would need to have some strange and most certainly life threatening problem, that proved to be a puzzle to normal doctors.

It helps that I also greatly admire the actor Hugh Laurie. Here is a video of one of his songs, my personal favorite.


Lies Morality

Prompt- As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

I believe that every rule has exceptions. Nothing is absolute ever. I mean there are things that will always be the same but we change those to laws. Like the laws of Physics, the laws of man are more like rules hence we see them broken all the time. The laws of a deity are also more like guidelines and they are also broken often by their followers. So no I do not think that in 100% of the cases lying is a bad thing. It can actually do some good for individuals.

However with the guidelines comment I decided this needed to be shared.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day, night, whatever it is for you.