Stuffed Fables & Avatar

Last night my wife and I hosted a little mini Avatar the Last Airbender party. The true purpose was to finally get one of our friends to watch the show or was it to all hang out again for the first time in way too long. We ended up playing a new board game called … Continue reading Stuffed Fables & Avatar

Stranger Things

I had been hearing so many things about the show Stranger Things on Netflix. About how awesome it is and just how great the story was. I took a look at the cover picture and I told myself that it looked silly. *Below this point there may be spoilers for Stranger Things and Neverwhere* However the … Continue reading Stranger Things

Lock-In Session 4

Session number 4 was based on the movie Rise of the Guardians. The one with Hugh Jackman playing the Easter Bunny. The players all played as someone from the movie; Bunny, Santa, Tooth, Sandy, and Jack. They all feel an urge to visit Germany as they can feel darkness spreading. When they arrive they … Continue reading Lock-In Session 4