All About Cats


I grew up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. My family has owned this same ranch for generations and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Growing up on the ranch I had several pets and animals that I connected with. From my dog Toots, a border collie mix, who used to help me herd cattle and sheep. To my first bottle calf Izabelle, that used to follow me around everywhere I went. I was always surrounded by animals.

Now you may notice that the title of my post is All About Cats. The reason for this is simple. Despite always having pets and animals that I worked with the only ones that really ever drew my full attention were our barn cats. Untameable, wild creatures that would sooner bite you than come up to you.

One of them, Pickle, was an old orange colored tom cat who I did manage to befriend from the bunch and eventually he became my cat. That stuck with me, the fact that I was able to work with an animal who hated everyone and make it like me.

Later when my father remarried his new wife brought with her a cat named Blink. Blink hated everyone and everything since her right eye had gone blind. She trusted no one except my step mom. Every single day after school I went and found Blink and over time that cat who hated everyone became my pet.

Since moving to college I have not been able to be around pets or animals of any kind. They aren’t allowed to live in the residence halls and since my job requires me to live in the residence halls for six years now I have not had any pet.

My wife thinks it is funny how badly I want a cat but she does not understand the importance that such a pet has to me. She has agreed however that when we can have a pet the first one we will get will be a cat.


6 AM

My girlfriend works for the same place I did a year ago as a Transportation Para riding the local public schools bus system. She loves the job and it pays well which really helps the whole situation. During this last week I have been waking up with her and driving her to her job.

Now normally this would not be a problem but I am exhausted. I am very much beginning to understand all of the arguments that parents have against the early hours of schools.

Tori gets on the bus at 6:30 AM and the first pick up is at 6:45 AM. They then continue to drive around and pick up all the kids. The ones that live closer to the school get to sleep longer, while kids that live further away are punished by being forced to awaken earlier and then ride the bus for nearly two hours.

If I was a parent I would be upset about this system. No matter how you look at it some kids are going to get more sleep and therefore have an advantage in the classroom. Even if all that happened was an alternating schedule of which kids are picked up first it would be more fair for the children, though this is far from a solution.

Day 31, RPG Challenge


Favorite Non RPG Thing To Come From An RPG.

For me this would have to be the book series Dragonlance Chronicles. They were based on the campaign that Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman played, eventually their campaign notes turned into the books that were sold today. I absolutely love the stories and the adventure. I was named after the main character so obviously my father loved them before me.

Day 29, RPG Challenge


Favorite RPG Website/Blog.

My absolute favorite is Mentats of Gaming. Trap A Day. They provide some excellent ideas and traps that can be used. When my next campaign starts this coming semester around January 14th I know I will be linking to every trap I used in my summations I will post on here for you all.


Day 30, D&D Challenge


Best Playing/DMing Experience.

My best moment as a DM, I was running a World of Darkness campaign set in the setting of Innocents. Which is where the players are all characters under the age of 13. With World of Darkness the world is only slightly different than the real world. Think Supernatural.

With my very first session I started the players out in school. Gave them some bullies who were mean to them, parents, and teachers. Then the world changed. A virus killed all of the adults.

In my four hour session I described everything that happened over the course of the week where their parents died, I reduced my group of players to tears. They were all so into the story I was able to create a strong emotional response. Reducing a room to tears.

Honestly this has been the best compliment to my story telling abilities and I hope one day to be able to surpass it.

Day 29, D&D Challenge


Most Frequently Rolled # On A d20.

This is an easy one. I am notorious for having the worst luck in the party as a player. A 1 can be seen on any of my dice at any time. From the d4-d100 I can roll a 1  with unusual frequency. But all is good because the point is too have fun.

I do have some friends that will put dice in time out. I do not do this, instead I give them a chance to redeem themselves during the next combat. If they fail again they may find themselves in reserve.