Being the Game Master

Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness; one of the most critical members of the group is the GM or DM (Game Master or Dungeon Master). This individual is the one that must work to create and prepare all of the materials for each and every session.

They can choose to use pre-made modules where everything is laid out for them going in, however those individuals still must interpret what was created. They must work with that information and make it relevant to the players that they have in their sessions.
If someone is doing a homebrew they spend hours making all of the material themselves and then still must figure out how to make it relevant to the party.

Being the DM or GM is an exhausting job as you weave a story for hours on end that the players can totally destroy in a matter of moments. It can also be very rewarding as the players all experience a story that you weaved so well that they felt as though they were really in the story.

The greatest compliment to my abilities as a DM was when I had all of my players in tears around me because I told them a story about how someone in the game died protecting them.

I myself prefer to be one of the players because it is a lot of work to create and work on a campaign week after week, month after month, and all the players do is show up to play. With my current group there is no thanks for the work that I do and because of that I do get tired of telling the same story as the players keep following one major quest line. It helps me to switch gears and run a different story for a while, but my players hate that and complain saying that they love the last story so much they don’t want to leave it. Part of the problem is that once a story has been left we as a group never go back because the players graduate from college and leave, or summer time comes and everyone goes home. It is just very difficult to play in my current environment and I would love to have a group of about four dedicated players who were thankful for the effort that I put into each session.

Long post made short- Thank your Dungeon Master or Game Master today, they deserve it.


Dead by Daylight

Here recently I have found myself playing a game with a bunch of friends that I thoroughly enjoy. It has the right amount of everything I am looking for.

  1. I can play it with friends.
  2. While it is horror based it doesn’t rely on jump scares but suspense instead.
  3. It is enjoyable.
  4. The game itself is simple.

In Dead by Daylight there are five total players. Four people play as the survivors trying to escape death by powering up five generators that then power the gates that lead to escape. One person plays as the killer working for the “Entity” to stop the survivors and sacrifice them to the “Entity”.


While this game is dark and offers very little story for the players. What it does offer is endless fun experiencing the different maps and the slight changes that are made in each game. As you play more you unlock perks, items, and overall better skill level at preforming in the game. Making it so that the killer and the survivors are getting better at what they do.

Overall despite all the issues with bugs and the fact that it had a small team that built this game it is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it if you are the kind of person who enjoys playing games with friends.


The Clothes Make The Man

Outer Layers

This challenge really pulled in my interest as it is an introspection about what my choices of clothing say about me. I can say that my clothes will show two sides of me because my closet holds two different styles.

My choice of clothing for the work place includes all khaki pants, mostly polo shirts with some dress shirts, a black belt, and tennis shoes. My clothes speak to a level of comfort in my work environment while maintaining some hints of professionalism.

For home I wear shorts and dark t-shirts. In my home life comfort is the most valuable thing for me and my clothes speak to that.

In both places I wear glasses and most people see me as an academic because of that. A lot of people also consider me very logical and analytical, I think the glasses just add to that image people already have of me.


It is amazing how fast time flies. I kept telling myself I would get on here and post again sooner rather than later. Four months later here I am finally posting again.

Some pretty cool life events have happened, keeping me busy. My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend instead she is my wife. We are both very happy and excited. She works a lot though, two jobs and all. Here I am working one job and still getting educated. Officially started my graduate degree this year. We will see how quickly I can complete it.

Playing a lot of League of Legends still, but a lot more of Dead by Daylight. A fantastic newer game. Currently it is getting some hate for being full of bugs. However the concept is good and the gameplay is fun.

Well it is 2 am here so I am going to post this and then head to bed. Post more in the future.

Saturday Afternoon

Here it is a Saturday, I am still young, 22, and in a college town. So what are my plans for the day?

Well for the next few hours I plan to play on my computer while my girlfriend sleeps soundly next to me. When she gets up the plan is to transition into playing League of Legends with her and with some friends who will also be getting on throughout the day. Overall the plan is to avoid the average population of people my age who will be going out to one of the three local hotspots. Maybe I’ll take her out to our Applebees of something like that, hmmm. Ordering in Jimmy Johns sounds better already.

Wind in the Sails

A simple life update, but it is important to me so why not write it out on here?

Over this past month my girlfriend’s, Tori, and my relationship has new wind in its sails. While our relationship has been going steady for the last to years and everything is great in this last month especially we have become even closer, and for the most part it is just through normal everyday things. As an example her phone plan and my phone plan has become our phone plan as we added her phone to my account making it our account.

Even though she pays rent for her actual place she is living she spends more time at my apartment and has basically moved in. She has laid claim to my kitchen and arranged everything how she wants it, so now for me to find anything I need I must ask her or dig through the entire kitchen.

Just through these simple things our relationship has been taken to new heights and from where I am sitting there is still further we can go. Two years ago I was not looking for a wife, just someone who would love me back and would be there. Two years later I am with the person I was looking for then and she may be exactly what I need for the rest of my life.