January 12, 2018

I can hardly imagine that so much time has passed to quickly since the last time I was on this account. It only took me seven attempts and a couple arguments with the log in screen to gain access.

Since the last time I was on here a few big changes have occurred.

My wife and I left our home state far behind and are now living in Minnesota. While yes people say that it is colder here that is indeed not the case. Average temperatures say it is colder in Nebraska. So glad we moved!

The second thing is that we adopted two cats from a feline rescue. They are siblings from a Horder house in North Dakota. While very cute and loving they aren’t going to be pleased with me today because they have a vet appointment.

I no longer work for a University instead I am now a manager in the grocery industry. Most people feel like that’s a step backwards but it pays more and my time off is better. Also my benefits are better.

I dropped out of my Masters program. I’d been in school for 19 years straight. I was tired and just simply done.

My wife has continued working for Quality Inn but is looking for a new job since her current employment situation could only be described as interesting.

I think that’s a good first post back and we will see where this goes. Thank you for reading, have a great day.


Kiq a Desire

So a new product came to kickstarter recently and for months the company has been building hype on Facebook. My wife is not a fan of what I think is an adorable toy for a 23 year old adult male, but what does she know?


I am so excited for this that I really would like to pledge the $750 and get all four of these amazing looking things. However I am also pretty sure my wife would kill me if I did that since we are planning on having our wedding reception in February.

In any case if you are looking for a personal assistant that also have a personality I highly recommend checking this out.

All About Cats


I grew up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. My family has owned this same ranch for generations and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Growing up on the ranch I had several pets and animals that I connected with. From my dog Toots, a border collie mix, who used to help me herd cattle and sheep. To my first bottle calf Izabelle, that used to follow me around everywhere I went. I was always surrounded by animals.

Now you may notice that the title of my post is All About Cats. The reason for this is simple. Despite always having pets and animals that I worked with the only ones that really ever drew my full attention were our barn cats. Untameable, wild creatures that would sooner bite you than come up to you.

One of them, Pickle, was an old orange colored tom cat who I did manage to befriend from the bunch and eventually he became my cat. That stuck with me, the fact that I was able to work with an animal who hated everyone and make it like me.

Later when my father remarried his new wife brought with her a cat named Blink. Blink hated everyone and everything since her right eye had gone blind. She trusted no one except my step mom. Every single day after school I went and found Blink and over time that cat who hated everyone became my pet.

Since moving to college I have not been able to be around pets or animals of any kind. They aren’t allowed to live in the residence halls and since my job requires me to live in the residence halls for six years now I have not had any pet.

My wife thinks it is funny how badly I want a cat but she does not understand the importance that such a pet has to me. She has agreed however that when we can have a pet the first one we will get will be a cat.