Hippie Magic

Over the past couple days I have been extremely sick. Never before hit this level of omg I may die. Called in to work for the first time in my life.

It’s just a cold. Kinda. It’s a cold that has made it so that if my eyes aren’t facing straight ahead I feel pain. My whole body aches at every joint. It’s just the worse cold I’ve ever experienced and to be honest I didn’t know they could get this bad.

Not only is it terrible but the timeline from me feeling healthy to being run over by a truck was under 12 hours. Aka I went to bed and the next morning I was Death incarnate.

Now this leads me to Hippie Magic. I work at a healthy living grocery store. And I’ll be honest I don’t really believe in a lot of the stuff. Soy free, gluten free, sugar free etc…

However right now I am desperate and needed to try anything to feel better and maybe not cough up a lung in the process.

So a friend of mine recommended one of their products called “Get Over It”. I sprayed the recommended 4 squirts into my mouth cringing at the taste. Swallowed and not five minutes later was breathing normally.

As someone who really didn’t put a lot of stock in that kind of stuff, my very foundational belief towards it is being changed. So now I’m taking a closer look with a more open mind. It just made me feel so much better and I can hardly believe it. Must be some kind of Hippie Magic.


October 11th

It is a cool and rather wet day outside of my apartment. One of those days that really tells you to just stay inside and enjoy life. My wife who had to go to work this morning came back inside and confirmed my suspicions, “I am going to avoid going outside”, when she placed her -20 hands on my back.

The way that my day is looking is that I am going to work on my World of Darkness campaign for the show Stranger Things. Right now I am working on how to make it different enough from the show that people who watched the show cannot just insta-win because they know everything.

I am also going to work on some team compositions for my friends who play League of Legends because as a team we would like to do some climbing in ranked. I for one am excited but first we will see if my efforts are worth the time.

More than likely I will finish my day by playing Dead by Daylight and trying to earn some more blood points to upgrade The Trapper because he is only level 10 right now. I need him to be much higher level for the Halloween event that I am hosting.