Being the Game Master

Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness; one of the most critical members of the group is the GM or DM (Game Master or Dungeon Master). This individual is the one that must work to create and prepare all of the materials for each and every session.

They can choose to use pre-made modules where everything is laid out for them going in, however those individuals still must interpret what was created. They must work with that information and make it relevant to the players that they have in their sessions.
If someone is doing a homebrew they spend hours making all of the material themselves and then still must figure out how to make it relevant to the party.

Being the DM or GM is an exhausting job as you weave a story for hours on end that the players can totally destroy in a matter of moments. It can also be very rewarding as the players all experience a story that you weaved so well that they felt as though they were really in the story.

The greatest compliment to my abilities as a DM was when I had all of my players in tears around me because I told them a story about how someone in the game died protecting them.

I myself prefer to be one of the players because it is a lot of work to create and work on a campaign week after week, month after month, and all the players do is show up to play. With my current group there is no thanks for the work that I do and because of that I do get tired of telling the same story as the players keep following one major quest line. It helps me to switch gears and run a different story for a while, but my players hate that and complain saying that they love the last story so much they don’t want to leave it. Part of the problem is that once a story has been left we as a group never go back because the players graduate from college and leave, or summer time comes and everyone goes home. It is just very difficult to play in my current environment and I would love to have a group of about four dedicated players who were thankful for the effort that I put into each session.

Long post made short- Thank your Dungeon Master or Game Master today, they deserve it.


Day 30, RPG Challenge


Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity.

Vin Diesel. Do I need to say more?

Yes that is the guy from Critical Role running the session. Need to know more about Critical Role and this awesome chameleon of Dungeon Masters, Matt Mercer.

Day 29, RPG Challenge


Favorite RPG Website/Blog.

My absolute favorite is Mentats of Gaming. Trap A Day. They provide some excellent ideas and traps that can be used. When my next campaign starts this coming semester around January 14th I know I will be linking to every trap I used in my summations I will post on here for you all.


Day 29, D&D Challenge


Most Frequently Rolled # On A d20.

This is an easy one. I am notorious for having the worst luck in the party as a player. A 1 can be seen on any of my dice at any time. From the d4-d100 I can roll a 1  with unusual frequency. But all is good because the point is too have fun.

I do have some friends that will put dice in time out. I do not do this, instead I give them a chance to redeem themselves during the next combat. If they fail again they may find themselves in reserve.

Day 28, D&D Challenge


PCs You Have Sworn Off Playing.

As the Dungeon Master there are some kinds of characters that just in nature are over powered. Often the players do not mean to be op but they can’t help it. Necromancers are at the top my list. No one is allowed to play one. There are some races that are the same way or archetypes. In general I keep a list of things I will not allow in my games.

Day 27, D&D Challenge


Favorite Curse or Cursed Item.

This item is not necessarily a curse but it certainly can be. The Deck of Many Things. The player announces how many cards they are going to draw, between 1 and 3. Then they must draw that many cards no matter what happens to them from previous cards. None of the cards outright kill you but they do have the potential to put you in a very dangerous situation. The flip side as to why it may not be considered cursed is that the deck can help you. It could make you higher level, give you items, or even gold.

Day 26, D&D Challenge


Favorite Mundane Item.

The Hammer. Yes that is correct, my absolute favorite mundane item is the 5 silver piece hammer. You can use it to do so many things, some that you won’t even think of until you are in the heat of the moment and need a quick plan.

In real life I have used a hammer to cut metal, to open my car steering column, hammer in nails, and many more things. Really the creativity of the players is the only limit on the uses.