Day 8, D&D Challenge


Favorite PC Of Your Own.

Wow this is a very difficult one to decide. I have played so many characters. For one campaign alone I had over 13 characters, yeah due to death.

I think my absolute favorite is Sara. Last name, it depended on the year.

Sara was an Ellen a race that is immortal to the passage of time. She was a Psion who believed in her party for support. She joined a group of travelers and was soon falling in love with the group.

After one encounter with a group of rogues who used traps and secret tunnels to evade and confuse the party Sara felt that the party needed a rogue of their own. So she learned the art of picking locks and finding traps.

Later during an encounter with an enraged Minotaur a party member died. As a result Sara felt that only she could fill the void left by this deceased member. So she learned his trade of the arcane arts.

She was beloved by the party except for one quirk that made her hard to get along with. If an item would touch her in combat she was convinced that that object belongs to her. Even if she could not use the item she would take it and keep it because she believed it belonged to her now.

Eventually Sara would die. The party was stopped by a mercenary who had been hired to kill them, the mercenary told the party that they could buy her off. All the party had to do was surrender their individual most valuable items. Sara had to give up a Longsword that she believed was hers due to her quirk.

She gave up the sword, but that night she left everything behind and went out to find the mercenary. Sara challenged the mercenary to a duel for her sword. In the end Sara was killed but the mercenary feeling compassion for Sara’s valiant effort returned Sara’s body and the sword to the party.

Honorable Mention-
Unnamed (Vow of Silence), Half-Orc, Lawful Good, Monk – Sacrificed himself to hold of fa Lich while letting his party escape and seal the tomb preventing the Lich from unleashing his undead army.


Ideas For A Campaign

So my girlfriend has started prodding me to work on a campaign, irrelevant which system I use, but I just need to run something.

My first major debate was which system. I am still in college and don’t have a lot of time for pure creation so that rules out World of Darkness and Rolemaster. A lot of my players want something with a lot of substance and known rules, this rules out Savage Worlds. Now I am left with the choice between Fantasy and Science Fiction. I am a much better DM with Fantasy so that rules out The Firefly Role-Playing Game and the Serenity Role-Playing Game. So now it is between Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder. In my opinion Pathfinder is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 just better. So Pathfinder it is.

Now the next discussion is what kind of story do I want to tell? Where will it take place and so on. I think I am going to do my very first Forest Setting Campaign (having them adventure within the vastness of the Great Elven Forest of Alasee), starting the characters at a higher level (10), and maybe there will be a dragon.

In the forest they will discover many things like a great army of Goblins trying to wipe out all other races, driven by someone else to commit such a daring act. Machine like men who cannot see the beauty they are seeking to destroy. A plot from within to release a great seal that is holding back an unmentionable horror. They will find themselves traveling across the land beset upon by the great creatures themselves, then traveling into the First Tree to find answers regarding the recent evils.


A New Me; A Viking?

Prompt- If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?

New Skin

If I could be a new me who would I be? Staying within the bounds of existence in history and human I would choose to be a viking. Going bank in time to the age of the Scandinavian raiders. They had an amazing social system and class system while maintaining that you become greater through personal deeds. I would love to learn how to fight, not just in modern era. But to take part in real battles with sword and axe. I realize that this is a way to wind up dead but to me it would be worth it just to see the great battles that I study while concluding my major in history.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Rise of the Runelords Sessions 2

We left off with the heroes having discovered a very important journal. One that detailed the existence of some woman who was being turned into a demon by some unholy will, a goblin leader’s involvement with the raid on Sandpoint, and the impending doom of Sandpoint to the new raid of 200 goblins.

Now with this information the characters returned to the surface leaving a tunnel and cave system unexplored with unknown dangers lurking in the shadows. They did take to opportunity to ask the town guard to keep watch on the house and to seal the caves.

The characters at this point decided that they needed to rest and recover from the events that they have gone through in just a few short days. This town has become an exciting hub of activity and danger.

After resting at the Rusty Dragon Inn the characters made their way to Thistletop deciding that they were going to take on the goblin danger at this moment. Facing the upcoming battle against Ripnugget and his war band the characters were cautious on their approach relying on some measure of stealth. Though when they arrived at Thistletop they were a bit surprised but found the meaning behind the name.

Thistletop is on a cliff and protected by the ocean on one side while the only way overland to get to the goblin lair is through an immense spans of thistles. Taller than houses and thick enough a man can not walk through.

Durella had the idea to burn the goblins out. Using her cantrip Spark she set about lighting the entire cliff on fire. Burning down the thistles that protected the goblin lair. (The characters think that the thistles were the lair).

In response the goblins all fled back into the safety of their real lair and the compounds that would keep them safe. However one of the goblin champions went out to defend the goblins and put an end to the characters.

Gogmurt with his animal companion Tangletooth walked through the thistles with ease thanks to some of Gogmurt’s spells. Tangletooth attacked from the front while Gogmurt flanked the characters. Together they are normally frightening duo but against the characters and with their homes burning down around them. The pair stood no chance against the mighty heroes of Sandpoint.

After defeating Gogmurt and Tangletooth the characters headed back to Sandpoint. Leaving the Thistletop to burn for as long as the fire naturally continued. The smoke was easily seen from the town of Sandpoint and so everyone knew that something big had happened on the cliffs. (Unknown to everyone the characters had only managed in killing a single goblin and its pet.)

Now with their own feelings of accomplishment and that they had at least slowed the goblin plans to kill all of Sandpoint, the characters turned their attention back to the tunnel and caves below Sandpoint in the Glassworks.

They made their way back into the basement where they had found Ameiko and started through a door they had left unexplored. Deeper they went finding nothing but more tunnel for a long time. When suddenly the cave just ended. Milah however was able to find the outline of a door and let the characters into a new cave system.

From here they descended into the Catacombs of Wrath. Where they would encounter their most fearsome foes yet. As they walked the first cave they put their head in had already been claimed by a Sinspawn. It was an interesting opponent but quickly fell to their mighty attacks.

As they explored the caves and rooms down here they characters found idols and the symbol of a seven pointed star all around. This is all foreshadowing to the events throughout the rest of the campaign.

The characters found themselves descending down some stairs and into a washroom. Where upon entering they were attacked by a flying head. Its wings looked like those of a bats. This creature attacked relentlessly and led to the collapse of Vina and Chet.

They would survive having only been affected by this creatures sonic attacks. They killed the creature and left this room behind them. Though they would later return to use this as a place to rest because it offered a measure of security.

They then walked into an old prison. In here Durella led the way down some stairs only to be met by the bites and claws of more Sinspawn. They dropped Durella though did not kill her in just a few seconds. The rest of the characters ran to Durella’s aid. Vina leading the way wearing her heavy armor and swinging her sickle. Next came Milah both daggers out and working away at the creatures. They saw her wearing a lack of armor and moved in for the kill. They wounded her until she was unconscious, though did not kill her either. Natir came next hammer in hand and quickly put an end to one of them. Chet watched all of this working on a spell that would end the other Sinspawn.

Now with much of the party nearly dead or having been greatly injured they healed everyone back to full. They talked amongst themselves and decided that the best course of action at this point would be to press on. Seeking to finish the fight down here right now.

They found their way into a room filled with broken and decaying boards. Also in the room was something they had never seen before. A goblin named Koruvus had become mutated and now called this home. He saw the characters enter and spewed blood at them. His blood now acidic and a deadly weapon of its own. Mercilessly he dove into the characters with sword, axe, and dagger. Milah took the brunt of the attacks as she led the charge against him. Natir tried to follow but fell into one of the holes covered by the boards. At the bottom of the hole Natir was met by the attacks of a zombie. Vina tried to offer assistance but could not get to Koruvus out of fear of falling into another one of the holes. Durella cast a spell that drained the goblin mutants strength and effectively made him less of a threat to them all. Chet stayed in the back sending spell after spell aimed at destroying this beast. In the end it would be Milah who would cut the goblins head off using both daggers in a viscous upwards strike that severed the spinal column. Natir killed the zombie with relative ease and hoisted herself out of the hole.

At this point the characters spent the time to uncover the holes and put to rest the bodies of the other zombies.

Now the characters all decided it was time to rest. Back to the room where the bat winged head was at. In here they slept and recovered as much as they could.

After resting the characters pushed onwards. Into a room where everything seemed to dangle in the air weightlessly. Electricity bounced around the room passing through the objects harmlessly. Durella tossed herself into the room and from inside recovered objects for the party to use. A wand, a scroll, and an ancient book written in an unknown language.

At last the characters arrived at the cathedral under Sandpoint. An unholy place of worship to Lamashtu. In here the characters would face their greatest opponent yet. Erylium a demon witch, when the party entered she cut herself and offered her blood into a well within the room. From the well rose two Sinspawn to meet the characters and defend their summoner.

Natir, Milah, and Vina concentrated on the Sinpawn. Hammering at them relentlessly with heavy blows or deft strikes. Chet and Durella entered a contest of spells with Erylium as curses and hexes filled the room. Erylium managed to move to hover above the well right as a sleep hex slipped through her defenses and she fell in. The well consumed her blood and drank wholly of everything Erylium had to offer, all the wrath she stored within her soul.

Out of the well poured 20 more Sinspawn. A number the characters knew they could not hope to defeat. Using all of their resources the characters made their defense while trying to get people out of the room. Vina and Natir were trapped inside. Chet summoned a ball of fire in hopes of using it to clear a path. Durella used her crossbow and used a hex to make her hair a weapon of its own. Vina managed to get to the door and set herself up to defend her allies that made it through. Natir was overwhelmed and killed where she stood by the wave of Sinspawn. Milah was told to flee and get help from the guards.

Durella, Chet, and Vina made their stand knowing they were not likely to walk out of here alive. They stood their ground unmoving to the Sinspawn for several minutes. Healing when they got hurt and using everything they had to damage the oncoming Sinspawn. Buying more time for the town. None of them expected to live. But through it all Vina stood in the door and her allies offered ranged support. When the time had passed Vine stood bloody and victorious with her allies still alive at her back. Natir was dead and beyond recognizing. They had won a great victory but sadness was felt by all of the remaining characters.

End of Session 2.

Rise of the Runelords Session 1

A group of 5 friends plus myself are playing a Pathfinder campaign called Rise of the Runelords. I am going to post the story of the sessions after they occur in hopes that you will all enjoy the spectacle and story as it happens. There are 5 characters played by my friends and then I myself am running everyone else and the world itself.

The five characters are as follows. As I learn more about them you can expect to receive individual bios on each one.

Vina Martell- A Lawful Good Sacred Servant Paladin

Milah- A Chaotic Neutral Knife Master Rogue

Durella- A Chaotic Neutral Witch

Chet Soten- A Chaotic Neutral Fire Elemental Sorcerer

Natir Zahera- A Neutral Barbarian

The five of them either grew up in Sandpoint or where coming to this town on their own various missions. As they came to Sandpoint the opening of the towns new cathedral was scheduled to take place. Wanting to see and take part in the spectacle the characters all waited for the celebration to unfold before them.

During the day of the ceremony the characters had little to do with each other. Vina and Milah partook in a game of wits at which point Milah won bragging rights for the rest of the day. Durella and Chet both took part in different dextrous games. At which point they challenged each other after winning their individual competitions. Durella came out as champion of fineese. Natir took part in a competition of drinking. Being the giant she is Natir found herself an easy champion.

As evening approached a man stepped out onto the podium that had been set up before the cathedral. He took out a thunderstone and threw it on the ground to gather the attention of the crowd. Unknown to him and everyone else the thunderstone strike was a trigger for the unexpected guests at this day of merriment.

As soon as the stone struck cries and singing erupted from all around the town. As small fires started and goblins stepped out to attack from nearly every location. The city guards were outnumbered and unprepared for such a spectacle. The characters were faced by three of these beasts holding their wicked dogslicers.

Now they came together, at this very moment all that mattered was the defense of this town and yet it would be in these moments that a bond would be forged. Natir waded into the fray with her earthbreaker hammer leading. She quickly crushed the skull and even most of the body of this diminutive foe. Vina while slower than Natir engaged another of the goblins, where they exchanged a few swings. Durella put the last unengaged one to sleep as she pulled power from her witch patron. Milah ran up to one fighting Vina and with a few deft strikes to the back with her deadly daggers this group easily overcame the goblins who foolishly attacked them.

However no sooner did the first ones fall that another group of goblins encouraged by the sounds of a goblin song coming from nearby. The goblins with glee ran forward to chop the characters to minced bits but soon began to understand the failures in their understanding of this battle. No sooner did they appear that one fell as a bolt of energy burst forth from Chet’s hand and buried into the chest of the screaming goblin.

Natir hearing the screams turned and charged the lead goblin, again her deadly hammer struck downwards ending the life of a goblin. She roared with a primal fury as the other goblins made sure to run around her towards the rest of the party. Vina set herself up to defend the spell casters as Milah ran forwards taking the offensive to the goblins. She quickly dropped one with a display of fineese and skill with her daggers. Durella fired her crossbow into another ending its life abruptly. The singing now sounded worried and ended as a goblin covered in strange markings came out of hiding. The goblin fired off a set of its own spells while the party moved to engage. Spells range all around as the party fought but it would be the swing of a hammer that brought the fight to an end.

With these new foes defeated the party had come together and held strong against their enemies. They helped to save the town but their work had just begun. For the screams of a man echoed down the street.

Running down the street the characters ran around a corner just in time to see a goblin on a goblin dog mount cleave a dog in half using a horsechopper. A man was cowering against the wall of a building as the goblin dog and rider began to descend upon their prey.

The characters immediately came to the rescue of this man as they waded into combat more goblins came out of houses to join in the fray. The goblins on foot ran to engage the characters not knowing that their fate was sealed in death. However the goblin rider stayed to the rear instead taking out a bow of deadly design and rained arrows into the characters.

As the fight went on the first goblins fell quickly and the goblin rider made to charge the characters. However Durella was able to put the great beast to sleep in time for them to avoid the deadly collision. As the now dismounted goblin charged forward it had to meet the fearsome foes on equal footing. The goblin never stood a chance.

The man that they saved was none other than the noble Aldern Foxglove and he made a point of inviting the characters to the Rusty Dragon Inn.

After the conflict the characters became known as the heroes of Sandpoint. Their brave acts had bested many goblins and by the count of the guards only about 30 had attacked Sandpoint. The characters killed a third of that number.

As the characters stayed in Sandpoint over the next couple days people rewarded them for their bravery and made sure to help out in any way to rebuild the town. In a couple days the attack would be almost entirely washed away from the minds of these durable people.

Aldern Foxglove was able to convince the characters to join him at the Rusty Dragon and at which point he asked them to come boar hunting with him. The characters tried to avoid this situation but found Aldern to be very convincing. Eventually they went on this journey and with him they tracked down a boar to be desired. They slew the beast with ease but what was really important about this trip? Aldern used this time to learn about the characters specifically Durella who he both questioned and watched with great interest. She was a beautiful drow (dark elf), and he lusted after her with great passion.

Upon their return to the Rusty Dragon with their quarry Ameiko Kajitsu (owner of the Rusty Dragon) started preparing it for a feast. Her father burst through the door and threatened her and wanted to take her away from here. He turned on the characters and told them that their recklessness threatened the city and that they should never have fought the goblins. He then turned and stormed back out of the Inn.

Chet at this time was under the thumb of the daughter to the general store owner. She had seduced the poor halfling and led him into her basement where she proceeded to have her way with him. Her father came home and down into the basement where he caught them. Chet was immediately in distress from the size and strength of the much larger man. Chet was able to escape the situation but with little of his dignity. A debt to the store owner would need to be repaid by Chet to mend these wounds.

After all of this the characters were hoping for a day of rest but none would come. A woman approached them with two children in tow. One had bites all up and down his arm. She was in tears and explaining that her husband had gone to take care of the goblin in her sons closet.

The characters ran off to the woman’s house to see about the husband and the goblin. They entered the boys room to find a half eaten man laying on the ground with what was left of the torso in a hole in the closet. After pulling out the mans body a goblin burst out of the hole hoping to put a quick end to the battle. He highly underestimated the characters.

The widow was taken in by her sister. The heroes of Sandpoint were gaining fame as they continued to handle situations as they happened.

The mayor brought the characters in to hear the words of a local scout named Shelelu. She recounted the recent events from outside of the town and explained that she believed that there were going to be more larger and deadlier raids. Sheriff Hemlock set off to the next town to request help while leaving the characters to act in his stead here in town.

As soon as the sheriff left disaster struck.

Father Zantus had found that the crypt had been opened by an outside force during the raid and requested the characters to go and explore the insides. The characters marched in without fear. They found two skeletons awaiting them and combat soon began. The characters had never seen skeletons before and learned that bladed weapons to easily fit between the bones. While hammers and other blunt weapons made quick work of them.

In the crypt they found that the remains of Ezakien had been taken by someone for surely dire reasons.

They decided that it would be best for the town to not know about this until later. After the Sheriffs return for sure.

The next morning they awoke to the sounds of distress from Bethana employee of Ameiko. She held a note that was presented to the characters. In the letter the characters learned that Ameiko went to her father’s glass works to meet with her brother.

The characters ran off to the glass works. Upon arrival they acted with certain levels of stealth. Sending a scout onto the roof to look through the windows on top. The scout (Durella) looked through the windows into the gore that was now the glass works. A glass statue could be seen, upon closer examination he characters could tell that this was the remains of Ameiko’s father. He had been covered in molten glass and was now solidified into a sadistic statue of torture. Goblins ran around in the glass works with the remains of the workers trying to recreate the glass statue.

The characters quickly entered the building and went directly to where the goblins were. They set about killing the goblins quickly however in their hast Natir was tripped and taken by the goblins. They tried to shove her several times into the furnace that was used to keep the glass molten hot. In failing several times they gave up and tried to kill her by hacking at her. The rest of the characters slew the goblins with ease. However one of the goblins was smart and ran for its life down into the basement of the house where it warned its master.

Once the characters entered the basement they were engaged by both the escaped goblin and its master. Tsuto brother of Ameiko. Together they faced down the characters. In truth Tsuto was not a hard fight for the characters his ally fell quickly and he took only a few hits before being brought to his knees.

The characters found Tsuto’s journal and then Ameiko who had been chained up and knocked unconscious by Tsuto. The characters explained what had happened to Ameiko and her father, they also discovered that there was a series of caves that left this basement leading into the abyss.

The journal hinted that there was going to be an attack on Sandpoint with numbers of goblins being around 200. It also depicted a woman who was slowly becoming a demon of some kind. A goblin named Ripnugget is also mentioned. Shelelu told the characters that this goblin is the chief of the Thistletop goblins.

End of Session 1.

First Encounters

I am running a Pathfinder campaign for my friends using the slow leveling progression. They are starting at 1st level  and yesterday fought for their very survival.

There is a Goblin Ranger in the party who acts like a child to help it survive in the world of much bigger creatures. An Aasimar Monk who has trained almost purely in weapons and not the path of peace. Lastly an Undine Barbarian who while generally Undines would be more peaceful this one is filled with rage.

Together they were ship wrecked on an Island where they started salvaging all that they could. While salvaging they encountered several Boilborns which gave them a tough time and nearly killed the Barbarian.

They quickly left the beach area and walked inland towards the bluff that overlooked the area. Along the way they encountered Giant Tortoises and Tooth Fairies. The characters quickly started to hate the tooth fairies as they were difficult to see and nasty in close combat.

At the top of the bluff the characters sent up a flare using the spell daylight as they could make out a village on the coast of the mainland not far from their little island. The village dispatched several canoes to go check out the flare.

After a couple days of sitting and preparing the characters were “rescued” by about 30 catfolk who traded with them. The catfolk took them back to the village and placed them before a council of elders. The council asked the characters to solve a minor problem for them that they were having with a Drake. For the reward of having a map of the entire continent that they were now on.

The characters eagerly accepted this and asked for some other kind of payment up front. They were given a Cure Light Wounds potion each and led to the sight where the Drake was last seen. The goblin was able to track the drake back to its home where it was protected by Kobolds who arent that bright. The kobolds tried defending their master but were easily swept aside by the characters. The last kobold threw down its weapon in fear and waited to watch its master slaughter the characters.

The Drake came out of the cave and began by breathing a blast of shadow which would have done a lot of damage except for the character he targeted made a reflex save to avoid half of the damage and then resisted the rest due to racial abilities.

The Drake stood no chance once the Ranger put and arrow in it and the barbarian swooped in with a mighty blow from its hammer. The drake died quickly, but the kobold now serves a new master. These heroes have made use of the Kobold by having it carry gear and are training it to use weapons/speak common/other stuff.

They made it back to the catfolk village with news of their success and that is where the session ended for the night. Most of the night was making characters hence so short but still a pretty fun time.