Negative Friend

I think many people have a friend like the one I am about to describe. A friend whose negativity is what they are known for. A person who is living a fairly good life but somehow manages to be the absolute catalyst for feelings of negativity.

I have several friends who fall into this category, whether that is just who I seem to attract as friends or simply because I live on a college campus.

There is some variations between them and in how they are negative.

For example I am going to start with J. J is a high functioning individual who has been dating the same girl for five years. He lives comfortably in a house with his girlfriend and best friend. They all work and pay rent no problem. For the most part J plays video games about 30+ hours a week on top of working about 30 hours a week. Logging hundreds of hours into games of course he is very good at them.

Now J thinks that it is fun to introduce his friends to the same games he plays and then proceeds to tell everyone that plays with him how they are “garbage” and “trash” because they don’t know the current meta for every item in the game or the best things to do. The icing on the cake is if you introduce him to a game and therefore you have the upperhand due to practice, the game itself must be crap.

Another type of negative friend are those who have no belief in themselves at all. I have two friends who I see every single day and play games with regularly. S and C both function on this idea that they are worth less than the ground they walk on. C believes that he is incapable of anything and that he really is just a waste of oxygen. S has a little more self confidence then that but she has also started drinking heavily and falling into a different pit of despair.

It is hard being around such negativity all the time and sometimes a person just needs a break. For me I play games with my wife and with the last two people I mentioned plus other friends, for reasons the first person mentioned does not reduce stress when playing games with them.


Being the Game Master

Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness; one of the most critical members of the group is the GM or DM (Game Master or Dungeon Master). This individual is the one that must work to create and prepare all of the materials for each and every session.

They can choose to use pre-made modules where everything is laid out for them going in, however those individuals still must interpret what was created. They must work with that information and make it relevant to the players that they have in their sessions.
If someone is doing a homebrew they spend hours making all of the material themselves and then still must figure out how to make it relevant to the party.

Being the DM or GM is an exhausting job as you weave a story for hours on end that the players can totally destroy in a matter of moments. It can also be very rewarding as the players all experience a story that you weaved so well that they felt as though they were really in the story.

The greatest compliment to my abilities as a DM was when I had all of my players in tears around me because I told them a story about how someone in the game died protecting them.

I myself prefer to be one of the players because it is a lot of work to create and work on a campaign week after week, month after month, and all the players do is show up to play. With my current group there is no thanks for the work that I do and because of that I do get tired of telling the same story as the players keep following one major quest line. It helps me to switch gears and run a different story for a while, but my players hate that and complain saying that they love the last story so much they don’t want to leave it. Part of the problem is that once a story has been left we as a group never go back because the players graduate from college and leave, or summer time comes and everyone goes home. It is just very difficult to play in my current environment and I would love to have a group of about four dedicated players who were thankful for the effort that I put into each session.

Long post made short- Thank your Dungeon Master or Game Master today, they deserve it.

Dead by Daylight

Here recently I have found myself playing a game with a bunch of friends that I thoroughly enjoy. It has the right amount of everything I am looking for.

  1. I can play it with friends.
  2. While it is horror based it doesn’t rely on jump scares but suspense instead.
  3. It is enjoyable.
  4. The game itself is simple.

In Dead by Daylight there are five total players. Four people play as the survivors trying to escape death by powering up five generators that then power the gates that lead to escape. One person plays as the killer working for the “Entity” to stop the survivors and sacrifice them to the “Entity”.


While this game is dark and offers very little story for the players. What it does offer is endless fun experiencing the different maps and the slight changes that are made in each game. As you play more you unlock perks, items, and overall better skill level at preforming in the game. Making it so that the killer and the survivors are getting better at what they do.

Overall despite all the issues with bugs and the fact that it had a small team that built this game it is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it if you are the kind of person who enjoys playing games with friends.


Saturday Afternoon

Here it is a Saturday, I am still young, 22, and in a college town. So what are my plans for the day?

Well for the next few hours I plan to play on my computer while my girlfriend sleeps soundly next to me. When she gets up the plan is to transition into playing League of Legends with her and with some friends who will also be getting on throughout the day. Overall the plan is to avoid the average population of people my age who will be going out to one of the three local hotspots. Maybe I’ll take her out to our Applebees of something like that, hmmm. Ordering in Jimmy Johns sounds better already.

Good Friends

This weekend a couple good friends of mine is making the 3 hour trip to come down and hang out with a bunch of us. I am greatly looking forward to it since he was my college roommate for two years and we have remained very good friends since. I think we will be playing lots of games including ones like Gruff and Lords of Waterdeep.

I know that on one of the days that they are around I am in charge of getting together as many friends from the area to hang out and talk. Good thing I recently moved into a new place that has a lot more space than my old one. It should be a very good time that is lots of fun for everyone.

Graduation Party

As some of you know my parents are divorced and they both are remarried. Well along with that divorce there are still a lot of hard feelings between the family members on each side so they cannot do anything together.

This brings me to my graduation party. Each side is going to end up hosting their own. My father has already hosted his and that is what I will be describing in this post and my mother will be hosting hers on June 11th. Making it a Graduation Party and Birthday Party for me.

On Sunday May 8th my parents reserved us several tables at the local game store and catered in Jimmy Johns. We set ourselves up and played many, many games. Including Werewolves, Gruff, Krosmaster, and Force of Will. Despite everything being planned in the span of about 3 days many people were able to come. Including friends of mine I had not seen since High School. I should clarify, friends from my first high school. So it had been about 8 years since the last time I had seen them. All of my siblings were there (1 younger brother and 6 younger sisters. Plus both of my nieces).

We were a large crowd for our little game store but we bought games and offered food to anyone who came. It was a great time and lots of fun was had by everyone.

Losing Financial Aid

This last Friday my girlfriend lost all of her Financial Aid to attend our University. She wrote an appeal and it was rejected, so she is looking at a bill of $8000. Of course she works for the college as a work study student worker (financial aid student worker). So she lost her job, this on top of everything else. She is looking at just dropping out of college for the semester and then hopefully building back up to where she can get back in. We both know the statistics of a withdrawal getting back into a situation that they can return to school, not good.

The icing on the cake was the fact this Sunday was her birthday. We celebrated had friends over and had quite a bit of fun but that was still looming over us. Her step-mother called to figure out the college situation. She greatly pushed staying in college but refused to acknowledge that there is no way to pay the $8000 out of pocket. On top of it all she forgot that it was Tori’s birthday. That last part just ended it for Tori and she did have a minor cry, she has been very strong through this whole situation.

Now the good parts. I think that 4 of her friends are going to give $50 each, plus $200+ from me, and she is giving $200+ for this as well. But we are getting together as a group and getting her a desktop so that she can play League of Legends with us and is no longer left out when we play as a group.