October 11th

It is a cool and rather wet day outside of my apartment. One of those days that really tells you to just stay inside and enjoy life. My wife who had to go to work this morning came back inside and confirmed my suspicions, “I am going to avoid going outside”, when she placed her -20 hands on my back.

The way that my day is looking is that I am going to work on my World of Darkness campaign for the show Stranger Things. Right now I am working on how to make it different enough from the show that people who watched the show cannot just insta-win because they know everything.

I am also going to work on some team compositions for my friends who play League of Legends because as a team we would like to do some climbing in ranked. I for one am excited but first we will see if my efforts are worth the time.

More than likely I will finish my day by playing Dead by Daylight and trying to earn some more blood points to upgrade The Trapper because he is only level 10 right now. I need him to be much higher level for the Halloween event that I am hosting.


Negative Friend

I think many people have a friend like the one I am about to describe. A friend whose negativity is what they are known for. A person who is living a fairly good life but somehow manages to be the absolute catalyst for feelings of negativity.

I have several friends who fall into this category, whether that is just who I seem to attract as friends or simply because I live on a college campus.

There is some variations between them and in how they are negative.

For example I am going to start with J. J is a high functioning individual who has been dating the same girl for five years. He lives comfortably in a house with his girlfriend and best friend. They all work and pay rent no problem. For the most part J plays video games about 30+ hours a week on top of working about 30 hours a week. Logging hundreds of hours into games of course he is very good at them.

Now J thinks that it is fun to introduce his friends to the same games he plays and then proceeds to tell everyone that plays with him how they are “garbage” and “trash” because they don’t know the current meta for every item in the game or the best things to do. The icing on the cake is if you introduce him to a game and therefore you have the upperhand due to practice, the game itself must be crap.

Another type of negative friend are those who have no belief in themselves at all. I have two friends who I see every single day and play games with regularly. S and C both function on this idea that they are worth less than the ground they walk on. C believes that he is incapable of anything and that he really is just a waste of oxygen. S has a little more self confidence then that but she has also started drinking heavily and falling into a different pit of despair.

It is hard being around such negativity all the time and sometimes a person just needs a break. For me I play games with my wife and with the last two people I mentioned plus other friends, for reasons the first person mentioned does not reduce stress when playing games with them.


It is amazing how fast time flies. I kept telling myself I would get on here and post again sooner rather than later. Four months later here I am finally posting again.

Some pretty cool life events have happened, keeping me busy. My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend instead she is my wife. We are both very happy and excited. She works a lot though, two jobs and all. Here I am working one job and still getting educated. Officially started my graduate degree this year. We will see how quickly I can complete it.

Playing a lot of League of Legends still, but a lot more of Dead by Daylight. A fantastic newer game. Currently it is getting some hate for being full of bugs. However the concept is good and the gameplay is fun.

Well it is 2 am here so I am going to post this and then head to bed. Post more in the future.

Good Friends

This weekend a couple good friends of mine is making the 3 hour trip to come down and hang out with a bunch of us. I am greatly looking forward to it since he was my college roommate for two years and we have remained very good friends since. I think we will be playing lots of games including ones like Gruff and Lords of Waterdeep.

I know that on one of the days that they are around I am in charge of getting together as many friends from the area to hang out and talk. Good thing I recently moved into a new place that has a lot more space than my old one. It should be a very good time that is lots of fun for everyone.

Christmas #1

The last four days was Christmas with Tori’s family, we got to see the siblings a lot and even played some games like Munchkin, Catan Junior, and Pathfinder. It was tons of fun getting to teach them a few things as well as getting to just relax after a stressful semester.

I thought I would share a little bit about what happened over this Christmas. For one, I will just start with the gifts because I am still in shock, I have been dating Tori about 1.5 years. To me this means that I am not quite family yet and do not expect to be treated completely like part of the family. This was far from the case, all of the “kids” had roughly the same amount spent on them for xmas. We went around the room opening gifts, when we got to me. I was thinking like a nice hoodie and a movie. Not the case. I received the following books; The Island of Dr. MoreauDo Androids Dream of Electric SheepThe Theory of EverythingPathfinder Bestiary 5, and Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide. I also received 5 nice dress shirts with 4 new ties, 2 pairs of nice dress socks, 6 pairs of regular socks, 2 pairs of khakis, a pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of dress shoes.

Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. The next day I cleaned and vacuumed the downstairs, swept the upstairs, got the children food, and helped in any way I could. I told Tori that I had to marry her now, otherwise it just wouldn’t be right. We laughed about it, but still I feel a bit overwhelmed by just how much was there. I am very thankful of course.

You may be wondering why this is titled Christmas #1. Well Tori and I have 3 left. Ours, 1 with my father, and 1 with my mother. So more updates to come.

Day 5, RPG Challenge


Most Recent RPG Purchase.

My most recent purchase was the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition book. It is the main rulebook for both Players and Dungeon Masters in the Savage Worlds System. At 193 pages in length it explains everything in great detail including how combat works and even some campaign ideas.

It is a fantastic purchase at $10 and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to teach people these kinds of games. Being less complicated than Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons. It gets people involved quickly and they can learn about how it works, then you can upgrade them to the harder systems.

Day 4, RPG Challenge


So I forgot to hit the publish button apparently. Meaning today you are going to get two RPG of the Day posts.

Most Surprising Game.

I think the most surprising game that I have ever played was Skyrim. I knew that it would be fun to play and overall a fantastic game. What I did not know was just how amazing it would be. I have about 4 games total that I continuously go back to on my Xbox 360 and this is the #1 on that list. Yeah I may always start out thinking I will make a new character that will be different from all my other ones, but that Rogue Archer is just too much fun to play.