Ideas For A Campaign

So my girlfriend has started prodding me to work on a campaign, irrelevant which system I use, but I just need to run something.

My first major debate was which system. I am still in college and don’t have a lot of time for pure creation so that rules out World of Darkness and Rolemaster. A lot of my players want something with a lot of substance and known rules, this rules out Savage Worlds. Now I am left with the choice between Fantasy and Science Fiction. I am a much better DM with Fantasy so that rules out The Firefly Role-Playing Game and the Serenity Role-Playing Game. So now it is between Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder. In my opinion Pathfinder is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 just better. So Pathfinder it is.

Now the next discussion is what kind of story do I want to tell? Where will it take place and so on. I think I am going to do my very first Forest Setting Campaign (having them adventure within the vastness of the Great Elven Forest of Alasee), starting the characters at a higher level (10), and maybe there will be a dragon.

In the forest they will discover many things like a great army of Goblins trying to wipe out all other races, driven by someone else to commit such a daring act. Machine like men who cannot see the beauty they are seeking to destroy. A plot from within to release a great seal that is holding back an unmentionable horror. They will find themselves traveling across the land beset upon by the great creatures themselves, then traveling into the First Tree to find answers regarding the recent evils.



Atlantis Final Part

He lay there for an untold amount of time when suddenly the door was thrown open and three people came into the room. The first two in he recognized; one was a judge and the other a doctor. At that moment all his memories came flooding back to him.

They drug him out from under the water the third person grabbed the clothes that still lay upon the table and threw them to the doctor. John was being rubbed by the judge; she was following the doctor’s instruction to use friction to heat up more of his blood before it rushed back to his heart, keeping his heart from stopping.

The doctor started using the clothes to dry John off and pressed them hard against the skin as he rubbed that John started to get slight cases of rug burn wherever the doctor was drying.

The third person suddenly ran up and threw a large encompassing blanket around John. “I told you suicidal.” John had trouble hearing the man speak but was able to catch what had just been implied.

John tried to speak but found that his mouth still wasn’t under his control as his teeth were chattering and couldn’t be stopped by will alone. He was still too cold and numb from the water.

“Thank you but not helpful at the moment” that was the judge from before, the one who had let him come here. Where ever here was?

“I think someone should be here at all times to watch his condition until he is stable and then we will have someone with him to keep him comfortable and from trying to off him again. You got what you wanted Alice, now give him a reason to live.” The doctor seemed to think that this was a pointless attempt to save someone who could not be saved. His voice gave away that he cared but was not surprised in this turn of events.

“I will make sure he is kept company and finds a reason to live long enough to see Atlantis.” Alice spoke in a sure manner hinting that no matter what John may try he was going to live whether he liked it or not.

“Could it be Atlantis, as in the sunken city from the myths of my childhood?” John’s thoughts kept him company as he still was unable to ask those around him about what was going on. He saw the two men turn and leave closing the stone door behind them. Then the woman moved towards him and leaned down towards his ear.

“I am so sorry John, but I promise to make this right.”

His mind raced as he tried and figure out exactly what she was apologizing for. “Accepting him into their world, for nearly killing him, keeping him secluded and unknowing for who knows how long, or for still not telling him what is Atlantis?” His body couldn’t take anymore and the stress from this latest event caught up with him as he lay there thinking. He slowly lay down and was instantly asleep as soon as his head touched the ground.

Alice watched as John slept keeping an eye out for any signs that he may be passing to the other side. She could not believe that after showing signs of improvement John would suddenly decide to commit suicide, after all he had been working hard to regain strength by eating more and by working his body walking around the stone table that he had been provided.

When John awoke he could feel a dull pain coming from the wounds on his back, after a moment he began to feel the sensation of something pressed firmly along his spine. Reaching his hand back John felt the fresh bandages that now wrapped and covered his injuries. As John sat up he saw that the Judge was still there in the room with him leaning against the far wall, she was still asleep.

John scanned the room looking for what else may be new to the room to help keep an eye on him or to help him get better. A second stone chair now sat around the table and many platters of food adorned the table itself. John moved to stand and immediately was pushed back to the ground as the Judge now stood over him holding him down.

“Why?” Alice was not hiding the anger in her voice as she shouted the question into John’s left ear, her right hand pressed firmly against his shoulder. “You were making progress, why? You were walking, remembering, getting better; what happened?”

John’s mind raced, “when did she wake up, how did she get over to him so quickly, why was she yelling?” It was more than he could take and he just sat there in silence as she yelled at him.

Alice realized that John was no longer really listening and was just enduring this treatment until he would be allowed a chance to come out of his shell and actually be able to speak his peace. Alice breathed in and slowly let the air out through her nose forcing her heart rate to slow down and in turn clam her mind as she considered what possible reasons John may offer for trying to kill himself in the cold water of the faucet. After she had calmed herself Alice began again, “John what were you doing under the faucet?”

“I wanted to be clean.” John’s voice held no emotion as he answered the question. He was thinking about how to completely explain the situation without making the Judge angry again. She was scary when she became mad and that was the last thing John wanted to have holding him down again.

Alice thought about the answer, wanting to be clean? That was a natural thing and he had been working hard to regain strength. He had been sweating, bleeding, and the grim of this room alone would be enough to make anyone consider cleaning up a bit. But still he could be lying about trying to get clean as a cover for attempted suicide. “Ok let’s eat.”

John nearly sighed in relief, she believed him and he didn’t have to completely explain what happened. He went to get up and this time was helped by the Judge rather than hindered. As John sat in the chair opposite of her John couldn’t help but wonder, “What is your name?”

“My name is Alice; I am the acting Judge for those wishing to enter Atlantis as you have now done.”

“Alice, thank you for coming to save me, I will forever be in your debt.” John picked up some of the utensils that had been supplied with the food and began to eat. Slicing some meat with a fork and shoveling it into his mouth just as fast as he could. He could feel the juice and grease run down the side of his face but John didn’t care as he felt famished and the food reminded him of how little he had been allowed to eat until recently.

Alice sat and ate in silence giving John time to sate him with the food and nutrients that he would need to continue to survive here in Atlantis. As he ate, Alice took note that John must have been starving and in the future with other possible newcomers for Atlantis more nutrition may be required to give them the strength and desire they need to want to live and become a part of the society here in Atlantis. She could see that John looked better than he had and showed signs of even further improvement.

When John finished eating he sat back in his stone chair and began to ask his questions, “What is Atlantis?”

Alice was glad that John had regained some nutrition and was now strong enough to question the events that led up to him being here and how his choices will affect his future.

“Atlantis is our home, a place of safety from the new government that kills its citizens without question and does not care about anything aside from making money in these dark times. While it is not the remnants of the sunken city it is our hidden city right under the nose of the new government. I am sure you remember passing through our massive fence and thought to yourself “how can this be hidden from the new government, how can they not find this?” Well the answer is simple we have removed ourselves from the world to a degree, to reach this place you must be completely lost and without hope and at that moment you will find your way. We have an old machine that can somehow tap into the mind of those seeking this place and draw them here once the requirements are met at the same time any person searching for this place with their hope still intact will be misled by the machine. That is how we are kept safe from the new government and for years since the fall of the human race into the chaos that now exists in this world. Atlantis is the last place for people to live and truly be free.”

John took in this information without saying a word and as he sat comprehending what Alice was saying he realized the truth in her words. While he knew he was looking for this place he had no idea where he was when he found it and he did remember thinking that it was incredible that the new government had not found the giant wall that protected this “Atlantis”, the lost city. He was amazed at the idea of using ancient technology to help support life today in this man made world. The person who must have figured out how to work this machine must be a genius a new Einstein to have thought in the way the people of old must have thought when making their massive buildings that reached to the skies. “Are there other machines that are used in Atlantis?”

“Yes, there are many. For example we have one that is used in the process of readying a person for life in Atlantis along with one that is used to keep an eye on the people who live through the process in this very room to make sure that they are fit enough to enter Atlantis itself.” Alice was forthcoming with the answers to John’s questions as she wanted him to become a part of Atlantis and even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself she liked him. His to the point nature she enjoyed because it left little room for feelings and other hubbub to get in the way, just the way she liked her life to be.

“That’s amazing, you must have many people in Atlantis working on projects to understand and rebuild these great machines of the past.” John’s excitement began to show through as he was not expecting to be arriving to a place that not only was a free city but offered so many more advancements then that living under the leadership of the new government.

Alice was stunned, she knew that any form of technology was rare outside of Atlantis and the cities of the new government but technology was so far gone from regular society that the idea of technology inspired hope. “Yes John we have many teams of people who are working on understanding and redeveloping some of the old machines that our past generations used to tame the land.”

“I made it here, I am alive, and how can I help?”

Alice could feel the energy radiating from the still weak and healing body of John as he sat leaning back in the stone chair of his current home. She felt the swelling of pride that was consuming her as she had found someone who may be worth all the effort in bringing people here to Atlantis. “Get stronger and healthier and then we will get you into the actual society of Atlantis. Is there anything I can do to make your stay here more welcome and enjoyable?”

“Do you have books?”

“Can you read?” At this point Alice was full of hope; maybe at last she had integrated someone who was worth the expense and pain of putting all those people through hell just so they can live in the relative freedom this existence offered.

“Yes, my mother taught me when I was little though I think I may be a bit out of practice.”

“What would you like to read?” Alice could nearly scream from excitement, John could read he would be extremely valuable to the society as he could work anywhere and be useful. His ability to read would allow him to either teach others how or be used to read ancient texts and relay information to the current scientists researching old machines and their uses.

John was brought a new book every day for a week, the first book he read was smaller but it helped get him back into the practice of reading. His day was made complete in the evening of everyday as Alice would visit him to get a synopsis of the book he had read that day and share the evening meal with him.

At the end of the week all three of his saviors came and greeted John; Alice the Judge, the doctor, and the unknown man. They were all smiling and happy as they entered John’s room and Alice even gave John a hug.

“Welcome to Atlantis my name is Dr. Brumbeck.” He had moved forward and was shaking John’s hand with great enthusiasm. “I am glad to see that you are recovering well after going through the machine and then that nasty water incident.”

Before John could reply the third person had come forward and shock John’s hand with a firm but cold hand shake. “I am the Professor and I am glad that you survived the procedure, I hope to see some great work from you in the near future.” With that the Professor turned back and left the room leaving the three much merrier people behind to continue celebrating John’s survival.

Alice moved forward after the Professors introduction and handed out a glass to everyone in the room. She poured a slightly red liquid into the glasses she had procured. “A toast to John’s health; as he leaves this facility today to become a part of Atlantis.”

Atlantis Pt. 5

John had given up on figuring out who he used to be and was now concentrating on making himself into the person that his new mind had decided he would be. He spent the days hatching new ideas to try and escape from his prison and trying to figure out how long he had been contained within the confines of this stone building. He first noticed that his meals always came in cycles of three. After the first meal there was a wait of some time and then a second meal, always the third meal would come in roughly the same amount of time as the time from the first to the second meal. Then he noticed that after the third meal it would be a much longer wait until the next cycle began. Using this system John had figured out from remembering back to when he first awoke that he had been here for 12 meal cycles.

After figuring that out he began making his body work like he assumed it should, starting by taking off the still blood crusted clothes that he had been wearing. As soon as they were removed he used the edge of the stone table to cut the clothes into strips of cloth. He used the cleanest strips to bind the wounds on his back by cross lacing the strips and tying them off in the front. After having the cuts on his back with a constant pressure against them he finally pulled himself up using the table for support.

After getting stood up he began to walk around the table reminding his legs once more how they were supposed to work. Then it happened he had a memory, but what was it. John closed his eyes using his hands to continue guiding him round and round the table. With his eyes shut he concentrated on retrieving that flitting memory. It came to him after just seconds.

He was little and there was someone in front of him crouched down smiling. She was beautiful and so full of joy. He could feel someone holding onto both of his arms helping him to stay standing. He looked back and could see the face of a man though it was mostly hidden by a well kempt beard. The man was laughing and smiling just as much as the woman in front of John. The man started to shuffle John forward and in doing so was forcing him to take steps towards the woman who was now calling out to him. Suddenly the man let go of his arms and John was walking towards the woman very unsteadily but after a few haltering steps he was able to reach the woman and collapse into her arms.

John was back to the present; he had collapsed into the stone chair and was breathing heavily. His body ached from being used for the first time in a long time. He was so covered in sweat that his nude body was sliding off of the stone chair and he had to hold himself on using the last of his remaining strength. While he sat there he thought back to the memory he had just experiences and realized that those two people must have been his parents because why else would they have looked so happy and joyous to have been there with him when he first learned to walk.

After he had rested and regained strength enough, he stood back up and began walking again. Around the table he went and now he realized that his right hurt far more than his left, his first instinct was to favor it and not put as much pressure on it while walking but the more he thought about it John decided that by working that side it would regain muscle and therefore heal better. So after that he made sure to consciously make sure he was not treating the right side of his body with any less work than the left side.

He walked himself until he couldn’t stand anymore and then sat in the chair until even that was too much work to remain upright.

John awoke the next morning to find a fresh set of clothes laid upon the table with a meal the size of his last three combined. Along with the meal was a pitcher of something he could not place but smelled familiar. He poured some out into the stone cup that he had found next to a small faucet in one of the corners. He put the cup to his lips and took a large mouthful of the liquid; as soon as he tasted the liquid he had another memory.

He was young again, standing this time in front of a small gathering. They were singing and all looking at him with joy lighting up their faces. There was a small box wrapped with some brown paper lying in the middle of a table. The woman and man from the last memory were there and looked extremely proud to be there. The lighting was poor but he could see that the room was small and from the blankets and mats in the corner it was a bedroom as well. He had a cup in his hand and after everyone finished singing he took a large drink from his cup.

Once more back to reality, “lemonade” John whispered the word like it was the most valuable thing in the world. He was slowly regaining a sense of who he was and the kind of person he might have been. He wished he could remember where he was in that memory or what had been in that gift placed on the table.

John drank the entire pitcher before starting on his meal. He ate vigorously, the exercise he did had helped his appetite and even now he still felt the hunger of someone who had not eaten enough in several days. Now he realized that whoever was providing the food had been feeding him the bare minimum to keep him alive until he showed them that he truly wanted to live or not. Now that he had shown them evidence of his desire to live they were going to make him healthy.

John stood up still using the table for support and began walking around the table once again. He lasted longer this time before he had to sit down and he was glad to see such an improvement after such a short time. His body ached but it felt good because he knew that he was building endurance. The right side of his body still hurt unbelievably though.

After a while John stood and let go of the table, he took a chance and walked towards the faucet. Once step, two steps, his breathing was becoming labored and his heart was racing faster as the fear of collapsing started to consume his mind. With the world still spinning he suddenly stopped, no he hadn’t stopped something had stopped him. He had run smack into the wall right next to the faucet.

John used the wall as support and lowered himself to the floor. He maneuvered his body under the faucet and untied his make-shift bandages. After peeling them from the scabs of the cuts on his back he could feel that a few had reopened from the work out.  He tossed aside the cloth and turned on the faucet.

Only now did he realize the mistake in not letting his body adjust to the temperature of the water. John couldn’t think; his body just froze as the cold water ran across his abdomen and down his sides pooling beneath him. The water that was pooling began to creep up his back and across the series of cuts making him lose feeling to those wounds.

Atlantis Pt. 4

The small room used for surveillance of new residents was a fairly bare place aside from the three desks and one display screen that showed the holding room for new residents. It currently watched John Grey closely to see if he would regain a sense of who he was.

The three people who shared this small confining space had the patience to lead new recruits through this process despite the fact it killed nearly one third of those who dare come and take their chance to enter the underground city of Atlantis.

Their desks took on their very personalities as they spent most of their lives in here talking with one another about the process of initiation less taxing on the bodies and minds of those who wish to find sanctuary in this lost city.

The first desk was rather large and well used though nothing was out of place on it. Old books lined the front of the desk and a few papers sat in a neat pile on the left side of the desk. There was an ink well and ink pen lying on the right side of the desk with some blank sheets of paper. A name plate rested against the books while old and worn it was easy to make out the word “Judge” followed by a name that had been clumsily written in by someone much more recently “Alice.”

The second desk was the smallest and while it was petite in nature it had the most stuff laid about it. Papers were scattered across it with many marks of ink on the wood itself from where someone had clumsily spilt onto the desk. While there was no name plate many of the papers had been signed by a Dr. Brumbeck.

The third desk held the display screen and had a small hand crank generator attached to the device. There were no papers laid about neither the desk nor anything else besides this device. The owner of this desk simply watched the screen and analyzed what he could see out loud for the other two to record and make decisions upon.

“Has his status changed at all?” Alice’s soft voice could barely be heard as it was full of emotion. After all it was she who decided that he had passed the initial test and therefore must go through this torturous event. She felt the guilt for all the ones who didn’t survive this ordeal and felt further guilt when she saw the scars on the ones who did survive.

Alice was addressing the owner of the third desk, though he rarely spoke she had a feeling that his thoughts were far from pleasant though he never took action and never spoke harshly to either of his coworkers. He was just strange and seemingly unfeeling for anyone other than himself. She waited patiently for his reply knowing that as soon as he started talking she would have to strain to keep up as he spoke, missing just one detail may be fatal for John Grey.

The owner of the third desk’s name was only known to those whom were closest to him most people just knew him by his chosen nickname, The Professor. His thoughts sped onward immediately considering all the emotion in her voice and why she works here despite her obvious efforts for the cause and her amount of work for the resistance. He soon came up with an obvious conclusion that made sense perfectly for why she was still only working in introducing new members and not leading parts of the resistance that actually fight back against the new government. “That’s her problem, she’s too soft and full of hope that one of these recruits will just waltz through the process without even noticing the pain. If she didn’t have such a soft heart she would be a perfect leader for our resistance.” If she had been able to read his mind her knew that she would have denied everything and then done something rash to prove her point but luckily she never asked about what he was thinking during the day to day.

The Professor spoke with a hushed tone knowing that the other two would have to strain to make out everything he said. “He remains in the same condition as usual. Sleeping, eating, considering thoughts of suicide, and a stubborn persistence to trek on and figure out what has happened to him. The shift in his weight to his left side indicates that his right side is suffering more pain then the left yet he tries to hide it despite the fact that he believes no one is watching him. Perhaps he thinks that by ignoring the pain it will just dissipate and he can become healthy. No matter what the case is; he needs to recover a sense of who he used to be before we can let him out and introduce him to life here in Atlantis.” The other two needed him because he saw everything while they could just analyze what he had already noticed and figured out a theory on. He had complete control over every aspect of their work relationship and yet he never took any credit for the work done.

Alice had been able to keep up with that rundown better than most but was still uneasy about the health of their newest tenant. “Would John Grey recover?” she certainly hoped that he would because then all of his work to get here would mean something more than being just another skeleton in her closet.

“Thank you, Professor.” Alice turned to the other member of the trio, “Doctor, do you think it wise to offer John some reason to live instead of containing him in there like some caged beast that has nothing more to live for?”

“You know our reasons for keeping him locked up. I know you sympathize for him and I wish that the process was not nearly this painful for anyone who is just seeking the same freedom that you and everyone in Atlantis shares. If he shows no signs of finding a reason to live himself in the next week, only then will I permit you leave to find a reason for him.” Brumbeck’s voice was that of someone who cared deeply but had an understanding and greater wisdom than most. He was by far the oldest person in the room and even among the oldest to hold a position of some power in the resistance.

Alice sat down and contemplated what she should do in a week when she would be given leave to give John a reason to live. She didn’t know enough about him to understand what would motivate him to live and continue onward and join Atlantis.

Atlantis Pt. 2

With that he was stripped of all his weapons and escorted inside the gate that separated the harsh world from the safety of a home. He was guided through a large series of streets which to his amazement were lit with the light from fires in almost every house. At last he was brought to an older building with a large archway for an entrance; his hosts hurried him inside and up a set of stone stairs. At the top they pushed him through a door that the word Judge still could be read off of.

“Take a seat and we shall begin your initiation.”

The speaker was female but her face was hidden in the shadows, a desk sat in the middle of the room between them. The desk was illuminated by several candles and a stack of papers sat on top of it, there was an office chair pulled up to it for him to take a seat on the side closest to the door that he had been ushered through. She was standing towards the back of the room, judging from the silhouette she stood about 5’7” and was of slender build.

Without a word he approached the chair and sat down preparing himself for whatever may come. He had made it past the guards but now he will be judged and his fate decided by this person whom he had never met before and had no idea who he was. Yet he knew that all of this was necessary for their survival and he would not blame them if they decided right here and now to kill him.

“What is your name?”

Her voice was clear and soft, but still strong and demanding. “John Grey.” His voice matched hers despite his heart nearly bursting out of his chest and a constant feeling of light headedness. He knew one mistake may cost his life and despite all the risk he needed to be here, needed to be safe.

“How did you get here?”

Did he catch something in her voice; surely not, these people were hardened and left their feelings behind years ago. “I walked here, I walked for more days then I can remember.” He faltered as he remembered back to when he first left his home to find a new one. He remembered watching soldiers moving through his town killing everyone on sight without mercy, but here he was safe.

“Why did you come here?”

It was a simple question and the answer even simpler, yet he knew this was the most important question that he would be asked. Why did he come here? Was it for protection, a place to sleep, his first real meal in several months? The answer could be summarized easily as he just wanted the safety that was promised for those that turned against the new founded government. However he knew the real question was why did he take that risk, why did he turn traitor and run through hell to get here? “I want to be free.”

“And free you shall be. Welcome to your new home John Grey.”

With that the woman turned and left through a door hidden in the shadows behind where she once stood.  He couldn’t believe it; at last he was being given a home free from the fear of being killed by marauding soldiers of this new government. Here he would be given a bed and a chance to make a life for himself. These were the thoughts that coursed through John’s brain as he was escorted back down the stairs and into a side room where an operation table had been set up equipped with leather straps to restrain those on the table. There were four people wearing white lab coats standing around a second table that had a bunch of needles laid out upon it. The oldest looking of them took a step forward and spoke in a strong confident tone.

“Please take off your clothes and lay down on the table; we will begin prepping your body for life here.”

John moved slowly towards the table that they indicated keeping a wary eye on the straps that he knew would be used to restrain him once he was sprawled upon that very table. He knew that this was his only choice to be free but why the restraints and why were there four doctors? After getting to the table he began to remove his clothing, as he stripped he could feel the eyes of the other four watching him. After removing the last of his clothes he lay down upon the table and prepared for the worst.

The three other people that John now presumed to be doctors of some sort moved forward and helped him place his limbs through the different straps. They were all very careful not to cause any harm while tightening the straps, but made sure that they would secure him well enough.

“These are not to protect us from you, but to keep your from hurting yourself over the next few days as your body adjusts to the environment of your new home. As you have seen outside of here the world is bleak and protection scarce. Within the confines of our home it is much the same but because of where we live diseases have access to thrive more abundantly and continue to kill our people without mercy. We are going to give you a fighting chance to stay healthy and live long enough to enjoy coming here seeking the freedom that every being deserves.”

As John lay there the leading doctor gestured to the other three and they began the procedure of equipping his body for life in his new home. They began by injecting a syringe into his left arm and after several minutes he blacked out.

“Finish injecting him with the rest of the anesthetics and send him through the machine.” With that the head doctor turned and left through a door in the far corner next to a rather small looking opening, perfect size for a body lying horizontal.

Atlantis Pt. 1

Here is a story I started working on a while back. This is just a part of what I have already written. I would like to see if people would enjoy it and if people do I will post more (a lot more). No I’m not looking for a short walk to fame or anything I just want to see if people like my stories.

It was a stormy night and he walked alone through the storm. Several weapons glistened in the star light as they hung from holsters and scabbards alike. He was taller nearing 6 foot, thinner as one would expect in someone who hadn’t eaten for several days. He walked with a steady unyielding pace into the dark of the night as though he never expected to see the light of day again. At a closer glance one would notice that he was young, not yet a man but the stress of his new life made him much older than the time on this earth would ever account for. He had seen much in his past and knows that he will see much more in the ever coming future. His palms were sweaty within the confines of his cotton gloves and his hands trembled with excitement and fear of what was about to transpire. His unsteady breathing and rapid heart rate caused him to shake uncontrollably and even though a feeling of dread came upon him, he pushed on through the storm. Maybe it was because of the storm that he walked on, knowing that it made it impossible for anyone to track him, keeping the knowledge of where he was heading secret from those who may wish to follow.

At last he came to a stop at a gate that seemed to just appear out of the ground; it was crudely built from the remnants of old chain link fences and chicken wire. The fence that stretched out from either side of the gate was made from similar materials with the addition of metal boxes that rolled and carried the people of old, these things had been rolled into place and then tipped onto their sides; the boxes then had been linked into the fence by tying it to the other materials with old rusted barbed wire. In addition the fence had been fashioned to large metal poles that people from past generations would recognize as light poles for city streets. This wall was impressive and with it being so large how was it that the government didn’t know where it was?

The gate began to creak and groan as it swung open. Several people heavily covered in cold weather gear and equally armed exited through the gate, they approached him pointing their weapons at him. He stood there letting them encircle him, keeping his hands away from his many weapons and always visible. For several minutes they kept circling him while others scanned the area for possible threats. Eventually one of the figures approached him and asked “Who is it that we call savior?”

This was it, his one chance to find safety from what the new world was. “Myself.”