New Desk

Last night I was very bored and just sitting at home waiting for my wife to come home from work. Her average day is her waking up at 6 AM to go to work from 6:30-8:30 AM, then she sleeps again so she can go to work from 3-11 PM. Her work schedule really prevents her from getting to do a lot of fun things with myself of friends.

So last night I decided to stay up way to late and wait for her because we haven’t really seen each other for a couple days. I mean we share a bed but our schedules make it so that there is nothing more than we sleep in the same place.

We decide to make a Walmart run because well why not. We get there and start looking around and one of the things that catch my eyes is a desk that I have had on my amazon wishlist for about a month is on sale in Walmart.

Well I then had to put the thing together at midnight cause why wouldn’t you play with your new toy. At around 1 AM I had my new desk put together and my computer in place on the desk. Now today I will get to take the whole system for a spin.

Moral of the story, “Go to Walmart at 11:30 PM and goodish things will happen”.


Guilty Pleasures

Prompt- Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank-you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure

Grateful and Guilty

Ok for me this was an interesting prompt because for the longest time I couldn’t think of anything and still cannot think of anything that truly fits this category. So for that reason I am just going to walk you through a few of my current pleasures.

I have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds like 6 seasons in 2 weeks. Yeah this may be obsessive but I have enjoyed the show so much and cannot wait til I catch up with Netflix at season 9.

Next I check my email anywhere from 10-20 times a day despite most likely getting an average of 10 emails a day. And they all come in at about the same time in the morning, so nothing to look for until the next day.

Lastly movies. I buy a new movie or show almost every trip to Walmart that I make. Whether it is with friends or by myself. I just go to the movie aisles and find one or two that I really want to see and pick them up. Can I afford it yes, should I probably not. I should really save money but I just can’t help myself.

Ok there were a few guilt pleasures of mine.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.